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Aug. 27, 2014

New IACET blog!
Quickly catch up with IACET and the education and training community through the newly launched IACET blog! First up on the newly launched IACET blog: did you know the Continuing Education Unit is celebrating 45 years!? Learn a bit about the history and evolution of the CEU, and how the new IACET blog will serve as a forum for the education and training community in the first IACET blog post.More

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IACET would like to invite you to submit a presentation proposal for our monthly Connection webinars. IACET's Connection webinars are available free of charge to Authorized Providers and individual members, and covers topics ranging from leveraging MOOCs for social learning to best practices in continuing education and training. Submission deadline has been extended to September 30th! More

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4 ways to directly tie learning to business need
Training Industry
Four Ways to Directly Tie Learning to Business Need, presented by Cornerstone OnDemand.

The following resources are available:


Networking tips for trainers
Training Zone
Networking is part of marketing and not a sales function. It is about getting to know people and not about pushing your services. It is also a strange concept: people communicating with a view to sharing some information. It can seem an unfocused activity as nothing gets done. Yet the sharing of information is what gets done. People learn about you, what you can do for people and what sort of person you appear to be. So is networking just a social, fun event? Poor networking events attended by bad networkers can be trivial. More

A match made in heaven: Performance support and mobile
Learning Solutions Magazine
Implementing training that actually drives skill and performance gains is a daunting challenge for any manager. Yet even if you do that initial dose of training well, it is the period after the training when employees are most in need of support. This is borne out by myriad research studies, which tell us that learners will not retain anywhere near all of that first dose of training.More

3 tips for giving great constructive feedback
Feedback: (noun) a reaction or response to a particular process or activity; evaluative information derived from such a reaction or response. Giving students constructive feedback on their work is an important part of teaching, and a skill every training manager should develop. Motivating students while correcting their work is essential, but the wrong kind of feedback can often frustrate or alienate a student. More

How do you train dignity?
Training Journal
Dignity at work is a thorny issue and is one of the toughest challenges for L&D professionals as it's one of the hardest topics on which to create a training program. Unlike other training programs that focus on more tangible skills-sets, competencies and knowledge, training to change behavior needs to challenge long-held convictions, change mindsets and at the same time set out clear expectations.More

Adult learning programs increase in fall
The Tennessean
The back-to-school season is in full swing, but the "lifelong learning" programs where adults and seniors can take advantage of inexpensive mind-broadening classes are just cranking up. There are wonderful adult programs at Vanderbilt and Lipscomb universities that are available for a fraction of what the "real" students pay, and there are many other very affordable and stimulating community education offerings from other organizations in Middle Tennessee. More

3 huge online training failures to avoid
eLearning Industry
Maybe your learners are complaining. Maybe they're not even finishing your e-Learning course. Maybe your boss is annoyed that your learners are still making the same mistakes, their job performance hasn't improved and it all points back to you.More

Lifelong learning is key
Times Record
Libraries are critical for healthy and vibrant communities. Libraries are ideally suited and positioned to be the place where preschool-aged children learn the skills necessary for school readiness. Libraries are ideally suited and positioned to help people be life-long learners. Adults must constantly retool and learn new skills to be marketable in the new economy. Libraries are ideally suited and positioned to be the place where people can find the information to create a successful small business UVU helps seniors continue learning.More

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Would you like to be a guest blogger for IACET's new blog? We are now accepting blogs anywhere between 600 and 1,000 words about social media and training, writing learning outcomes, needs assessment and more. For a list of suggested topics, please click here.

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