The CET Connection
Sep. 25, 2013

Call for 2014 Connection webinar presentations
IACET would like to invite you to submit a presentation proposal for our monthly Connection webinars. IACET's Connection webinars are available free of charge to Authorized Providers and individual members, and covers topics ranging from learning outcomes to best practices in continuing education and training. Submission deadline is Monday, Sept. 30! More

What the Navy can teach us about training evaluation — Part 1
Kirkpatrick Partners
Military organizations provide many training best practices because they cannot afford to just train people and hope that they perform well in the field. Flawless execution is required every time, or lives could be lost. The sonar used in Navy submarines is a great example of a military idea that can be applied to training. More

Adult education is key to returning to the workforce
Walker Messenger
The bean counters may have declared that the recession ended a while ago, but the reality of furloughs, layoffs, plant closures and lost jobs continue to affect family finances. While it hasn't always been the case, job seekers aiming to rejoin the workforce quickly realize that a high school diploma or GED has become a minimum standard for employment in many cases. Drawing unemployment is something new for Thomas Young, the result of Crystal Springs Print Works closing its Chickamauga plant.More

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Back-to-school for adults: Ideas for continuing education
Artvoice Daily
This time of year stirs memory of the smells and sounds of new shoes, three-ring binders, lined paper, pencils, pink erasers, bag lunches and the slam of locker doors. What begins as a rite of passage into the grown-up world begins to feel like an endless requirement for adult life as one considers job training and professional options. There is a practical aspect to gaining the needed skills for navigating the world, but the 21st century is packed with too much information. Sometimes we simply need a break — rejuvenation.More

MOOCs in the corporate world
As the need for an educated global workforce continues to grow, so does the demand to train those employees and help them become life-long learners. And, although many believe that MOOCS — massive open online courses — may provide the answer, it is still in the conceptual phase when looking at it from a business perspective.More

New technologies that will improve your professional development
The Wall Street Journal
In fact, it is actually easier to tone our abs, decrease our 10k finish time, and improve our golf swing than it is to improve the critical at-work behaviors that matter most to our performance on the job. Furthermore, trainees in the world of physical fitness have a powerful array of technologies like heart-rate sensors and shoes with microchips at their disposal, but company employees seeking to develop their "behavioral fitness" in the workplace are left alone with checklists and self-improvement books.More

Professional development: bring your own device
Today's Facility Manager
The role of a facility manager is multi-faceted. Proactive maintenance of building and grounds requires constant contact with a multitude of service businesses. Rapid response to emergencies (whether a clogged commode or a broken window) is the bedrock of occupant satisfaction, which requires instant communication with contractors and staff. Factor in multiple buildings and multiple locations, and these tasks increase exponentially. Then there's the paperwork, which could range from simple emails to colleagues and superiors to sensitive data like payroll receipts and leases. Mobility isn't a luxury in facilities management; it's a competitive imperative.More

How to ... design and implement a strategic plan
The Guardian
Strategic planning helps determine mid- to long-term goals and what areas to focus on. It is harder to do in development sector as there is often a great amount of unmet need, which one intervention alone cannot tackle. Management guru Peter Drucker famously said that in for-profit organizations, success can easily be equated to profit. In non-profits, however, the bottom line is a 'change in human beings', which is significantly harder to plan for — but not impossible.More

New crowd-sourced site to rate educational materials
USA Today
There must be something digital in the air. Recently, the content-rating organization Common Sense Media launched Graphite, a "Yelp-like" ratings site for teachers searching for educational technology product reviews and ratings. This week, another big, well-funded product-review effort debuts: LearnBIG, a new "community site" that will index, rate and curate thousands of digital resources and even help guide users build a career path based on the materials, its founders say.More