IAFC Bugle Brief
Nov. 22, 2013

How leaders win people over
How to build sustainable relationships and influence others is still one of today's greatest mysteries. Winning people over is both an art and a science. With all of the personality profiling that is done prior to hiring someone, winning people over is not always an instantaneous thing. It takes time — and in a social media world where everything is "immediate" and people expect things to happen in a moment's notice — leaders must be reminded of this.More

Why great leaders get passed over: 4 reasons
A while back we looked at the four key reasons good leaders go unrecognized. But there's another category of leader, one who experiences even more frustration: leaders who are recognized as such, but who, for reasons unknown to them, never receive the recognition (or, perhaps, promotion) that they believe they deserve. If you feel you (or a colleague) are doing all the right things but aren't getting the increased responsibility or exposure you desire, check out this list and see which may apply to you.More

Employee engagement is a result of leader engagement
Business 2 Community
A few weeks ago, Gallup released its State of the Global Workplace Report 2013. The report is a result of an ongoing study of workplaces across 140 countries from 2011 through 2012. The most disturbing number pointed out in the study was the engagement levels of leadership. The common perception is that leaders are typically more engaged than frontline employees. The prevalent thinking is that the more vertical you go in an organization, the more of an emotional investment the individual has in the success of the organization. More

Leading millennials: Are you up to the task at hand?
By Jessica Taylor
No matter how you look at the business world, things are evolving — from the way businesses are run to the types of employees that are hired. As baby boomers leave the workforce, the millennials are infiltrating your offices. These millennials are becoming successful in their multitasking, challenge-thriving ways, but with that comes challenges. Ask yourself, can you lead a millennial effectively?More

How to inspire your team on a daily basis
The best managers are always those who have the ability to lead their team by personal example. It is one of the hardest skills to master — but get it right and the results will be well worth all the effort. When you look at a team or a group from the outside, it's easy to spot the difference between an inspirational leader and one who has to rely on using strong-arm tactics.More

The real costs of keeping a toxic employee
You know the type. They can't work with others. They're negative, volatile and often disruptive. Some people call these toxic employees "bad apples." Another way to think of them? "Hurricane" employees — because the damage they cause extends far beyond themselves. More