AMC 2012: A winning ticket — Early-bird registration ends Aug. 10

Dean Budnick, keynote for the 2012 Arena Management Conference, to be held Sept. 9-11 in Las Vegas, understands the dynamic and sometimes volatile world of ticketing.

While Budnick's background in Jam Bands, talk radio and writing for Relix Magazine is as colorful as a Grateful Dead album cover, Budnick paints an equally colorful picture of the ticketing world in his book, Ticket Masters: The Rise of the Concert Industry and How the Public Got Scalped.

In a recent phone interview, IAVM's Professional Development Manager Greg Wolfe asked Budnick what AMC attendees should expect to hear during his upcoming AMC keynote:

Greg: What was the response to your book inside the venue industry?

Dean: It took three years for Josh and I to write the book. At the end it, we felt as if many of the chapters would be suitable to make their own books. I was a bit surprised at how positive the responses were. The overall sense was that we got their story right and we were fair in the perspective.

Greg: What are a couple of topics you plan to touch on for the keynote?

Dean: The keynote will be a blend of the old days and the new landscape of ticketing pre Ticketron, when businesses were just beginning to monetize the system. Then I'll speak to how TicketMaster changed the game and the ripple effect it had on the entire industry.

Greg: It seemed like a game-changer when online ticketing came out. How quickly has it changed the industry?

Dean: It has been a slow transition, mainly due to the nature of contracts venues and performers already have in place, many of which are valid for multiple years. So until those expire it will be a slow evolution and will take a while for start-ups to offer technology to pledge an alternative.

Greg: Is the issue a generational one or does it cross age barriers?

Dean: The issue is defined by economic situations more than age. People not concerned about the economics of it will use a broker, knowing they will pay more but accepting the fact they pay more to get a good seat and not have to worry about the time it takes to get a ticket.

To hear Budnick candidly speak about how TicketMaster changed the ticketing game, the current ticketing scene and what's to come, register for AMC today. Act now, early-bird registration ends Aug. 10!