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Nov. 2, 2012

Our natural health champions in Congress
Alliance for Natural Health
With campaigns in full swing and a critical election just around the corner — we've indicated those legislators who are up for re-election — it's a good time to review who in Congress have been the real leaders on our issues.More

Let your light shine
ICIM member Helene Leonetti, M.D.
VideoBrief In all the darkness of hurricanes and power outages, we need to remember to let our inner lights shine.More

Assessing oxytocin sufficiency in your patients
Belmar Pharmacy
This white paper was provided by Belmar Pharmacy of Lakewood, Colo. You can get more information by calling 800-525-9473 or emailing tracy@belmarpharmacy.com.

For many years, clinicians have been aware that oxytocin sufficiency plays a critical role in labor and delivery, lactation and autism; however, volumes of recent studies have shown that oxytocin also plays a key role in maintaining other aspects of overall health. Research confirms that adequate oxytocin is critical for normal cellular function in other organ systems. More

Resorting to drugs
Conrad Maulfair, D.O.
There are so many people who take street drugs and medical drugs thinking it will be for a short while and wind up long down the road with health problems they never dreamed of. Addiction is just part of the problem. Damage from free radicals, which are the stock in trade of chemicals, do something to your health. Combined with pesticides and chemicals in the food we eat, someone with a drug problem gets a double whammy.More

Self-insured employers and integrative medicine: The perfect marriage
Glenn Sabin, FON Therapeutics
Integrative healthcare providers have been well-positioned to provide quality corporate wellness programs and executive physicals for some time. Closely connected to this phenomenon, literally, is the largely overlooked fact that more than 100 million Americans today receive their healthcare benefits through self-insured companies.More

2 useful CAM stat documents
From ICIM member Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.
Here are two useful documents with CAM stats across various parts of the country. They have extensive stats on what is being used, including movement therapies, chelation, etc. They also document what services are being used the most, supplement categories, etc. There are tables, charts, graphs, etc. at the end of the documents that are very enlightening.