Decor Digest
Jun. 24, 2013

2013 home decor trends
It's the season of sunshine and enjoying the great outdoors. Celebrate it with a style makeover for your home by tapping lively decorating trends and home decor ideas that will refresh and brighten your living space.More

Hop On The Deco Limo with The View Window Fashions!
Come June 25th at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and get inspired during the seminar on complete service of check measure and installation of shutters/blinds, have lunch and receive a $50.00 certificate.More

September 26 + 27 Textile Design Expo displays include a 6'L x 30"w sample display table and 8'h x 40"w panel for company name and larger samples plus a 1/2 page company profile in the IIDEX show directory for $1,635 + HST.

IDRC members receive a discount of 10% off the above cost so their cost is $1,471.50 + HST.

All participants have to do is bring samples, brochures and business cards — the tables, panels and signage are supplied by IIDEX. Larger turnkey and regular booth spaces are also available for IDRC members.More

Marketplace: British invasion
Ottawa Citizen
In sharp contrast to some more contemporary styles, traditional British home decor is about warmth and comfort combined with class and tailoring. To achieve this much-loved look, you need to combine elegantly carved wood furniture with loads of details such as patterned wallpaper, rich fabrics (especially chintz) and colourful rugs. And don't forget about collections. Whether candlesticks, teacups or books, British style is also about the precious items that have been accumulated over the years. More

All about Heather
Calgary Herald
The Heather Company, which features high-end home-decor accessories, furnishings, lighting and, most spectacularly, Heather Draper's first collection of hand-sewn drapery, bedding and cushion covers made with fabric sourced from mills all over the world, is a tactile manifestation of the designer's elegant, quirky imagination. More

"The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear." - Brian Tracy
Sales Essentials
In business, there will always be challenges that are outside of your comfort zone. You may even fear some of these things. However, when you muster up the courage and tackle them, it will increase your self-confidence, and make you sharper, better equipped to compete.

Have a great week from Sales Essentials, Allen Rigby CSP More

Home decor e-retailer Wayfair unveils a shoppable image gallery
Internet Retailer
Home furnishings and décor retailer Wayfair is putting its products in their place — in actual rooms designed by professional decorators. The retailer debuted on its web site this week a set of 2,500 home interior photos that customers can click to shop, and which is called the 'Inspiration Gallery.' More

Go cuckoo for coconut furniture and surfaces
Fox News
When I first came across coconut as a furniture material several years ago, the idea absolutely intrigued me. Coconut shell and palm wood are normally industry by-products, typically either burned or thrown into landfills. But a number of manufacturers have taken up the challenge to transform these waste materials into usable surfaces.More

Are you brave enough to decorate boldly in the foyer?
When you open the front door, there it is: The place you leave keys, stow your umbrella, check yourself in the mirror and — play piano? Foyers are unique rooms because often they need to serve multiple functions, said Emily Clark, a mom of five who curates the decor blog, "Emily A. Clark: design. simplified." More

Leta Austin Foster: Time to give outdated furniture a fresh look
Palm Beach Daily News
Leta Austin Foster of Leta Austin Foster & Associates in Palm Beach explains how to reposition outdated furniture — and her technique has little to do with seating arrangements. Instead, it's all about creative re-use and decorative recycling — a hallmark of the interior designer's work. More

Fiddle leaf figs everywhere; going with a theme; and 1 deck 3 ways
The fiddle leaf fig tree has become the go-to interior design item of the year. Not long ago it was the orange poof or lacquered Chinese garden stools. Now, the FLF, as I'm calling it. I do love what the FLF adds to a room, but worried that by the time I buy one, find the perfect place for it and get settled, it will be yesterday's news. Right or wrong? More

The simple magic of summer fabrics
Shedding of heavy fabrics and sweaters come with great anticipation at the end of every winter. A fabric and pattern lover myself, I thought I would share the love of texture and pattern styles that can be used throughout the summer in any home décor style. More

Cottage comforts: Make a clean start on the season
The Gazette
Whatever its style, Chantal Boulé says the cottage is meant to be comfortable and welcoming. Boulé is an interior decorator and owner of Vie de Campagne, a store on Sherbrooke St. in Westmount that specializes in city and country decor and design. More

Productivity is determined not by work but by EFFECTIVE actions disguised as work
By Doug Firebaugh
In the "sales" part of your business, you have the unique opportunity to see real results for your hard work. We can often fool ourselves into thinking that when we are busy we are doing the best thing. More

Bling makes the bath
Bathrooms are becoming jeweled treasures. Bathrooms are private havens, the ultimate personal space. A place for necessities as well as pampering, relaxation, and, increasingly, extravagant decor. For some, the wow factor is a room-sized shower; for others it's a zebra-skin tub, a pearl-studded porcelain sink, a crystal faucet or a diamond-encrusted toilet.More

Something old, something new
The Southern Reporter
If you're secretly yearning to give your home a charming new look, it's time to hark back to the past. Remnants of vintage fabrics, old wallpapers, a little imagination and some basic craft skills are all that’s needed to create the fashionable atmosphere of a bygone age, according to vintage expert Sarah Moore. Her new book, Vintage Home, is packed with 50 handmade projects, from furniture to decorating, and all the essentials can be cheaply found in places like charity shops, car boot sales, flea markets, house clearances and reclamation yards. More

Transportation SHIPTIPS
Are you taking advantage of Consolidation and Distribution of small parcels that can save you dollars on top of IDRC's already low shipping rates? Are you aware that you can now track parcel shipments on your cell phone? Find out more by contacting DJC Consulting at and/or 888/416-494.0401 More