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Jan. 23, 2013

Transform Rejection into Success: 5 Steps
The fear of rejection is the bane of success. If you're afraid that people (customers, employees, coworkers, colleagues, etc.) will reject you, you'll avoid making difficult calls and your fear will make you less effective. Conquering that fear is only the start, though. If you really want to be successful, you must learn how to turn rejection into a vehicle that drives you more quickly towards your ultimate goals. More

Published — IDS Member — Marcella Davis-Burks, IDS Professional Fellow
IDS Professional Fellow, Marcella Davis-Burks, was interviewed for an article in the January 2013 issue of Today's Charlotte Woman. You can see Marcella's color advice and 3D renderings under the "Color My World" heading on page 30. Her comments are part of a larger article beginning on page 26, "NEW YEAR, NEW HOME - Lighten & Brighten For 2013".

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Shocking Statistic Revealed In The 2013 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey eBook Just Published by Design Success University
Design Success University's 2013 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey reveals a shocking statistic: 23.2 percent of all interior designers left the industry between May 2008 and May 2011 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The free eBook is available for immediate download.

IDS Associate Member, Barbara Gilbert had this to say:

I just finished reading the 2013 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey Book and want to tell you that I think it's an amazing book that I think every designer should read. I am the President of the Interior Design Society, DFW Chapter, and I am going to send a link to all of the designers and vendors on our list. I made a lot of changes to my business in 2012 and knew I needed some coaching, but was unclear on what type of coaching I needed. While reading your book I had several ah ha moments that prompted me to make a list of things that I need help with and that was before I was halfway through it! Great job and thank you for such valuable information.

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A Spirited Game of Musical Rooms
The New York Times
Asanyone who has ever been disappointed by the New York housing market knows, the experience can be something like a bad date: Drawn in by the promise of a handsome exterior, you make your way hopefully down a featureless corridor and persevere up a sagging stair, only to find a "duplex" of spaces that are sloppily renovated, bizarrely configured and so small as to be almost uninhabitable. More

Mining Pinterest for Color Preferences, Room by Room
Fast Company's Co.Design
A fascinating project scours Pinterest boards to find the most commonly pinned colors for kitchens, bedrooms and more. Colour and Space is a project by designers Mie Frey Damgaard and Peter Ørntoft for decorative paint brand Jotun. The pair have analyzed two fairly basic but powerful categories: color and location. The results are placed into simple pie charts, showing preferred colors in places around the home. More

How Does the World of Fashion Influence The World of Interiors?
ccording to Gretchen Aubuchon, editor in chief of Fashion + Decor, who recently spoke with industry leaders in both the fashion and the home design fields about this very topic, feels that "the worlds of fashion and decor are colliding." She explains where there was once a five to six year lag from the runway to furniture showrooms, "then a couple of years ago we were seeing just a two year or two season lag, and now both worlds are engaging as the creative minds are joining together with the social media forces." More

Concrete Poetry: Ricardo Bofill Architecture
ELLE Decor
In the early 1970s, an abandoned cement factory on the western fringe of Barcelona stood as a crumbling relic of Spain's industrial past. Where some people would have been daunted or deterred by the vast and derelict site, the architect Ricardo Bofill was inspired. He envisioned it as the dramatic setting for his home and offices. The living area of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill's home on the outskirts of Barcelona. The sofa was designed by his firm, Taller de Arquitectura, and the lounge chairs are by Charles and Ray Eames. More

Nurture Your Most Profitable Customers
Profitable growth is more achievable if you focus on identifying your most valuable customers — and keeping them happy. A customer profitability analysis can help you recognize the customers you can't afford to lose.More

Seeking a Cool Look? Go Hide
The Wall Street Journal
For the late decorating hero Albert Hadley, polished electric-blue hides on balloon-back dining room chairs made a traditional room feel less staid. Miles Redd, this generation's Hadley, said, "I couldn't possibly decorate without a little, or even a lot of, leather." More

How to Create a Modern Bath in a Vintage Style
This Old House
Shapely cast-iron claw-foot tubs, hexagonal floor tiles, and chrome cross-handle faucets are the go-tos for crafting modern bathrooms with timeless appeal. In wide rotation since the late 1800s and early 1900s, when the Victorian, Craftsman, and Art Deco styles reigned in succession, these fixtures and finishes look so good and function so well that they've left little room for improvement, even after all these years. More

Asianspiration: 9 Elegant Interiors Inspired by the Far East
For those of us living in the West, Asian-inspired furnishings are an exotic, sophisticated departure from the home objects we see and live with every day. French company La Maison & Co's Indonesian and Chinese collections give rooms an exotic Asian feel no matter where in the world they happen to be.More

Allover and Anywhere by Sina Pearson Textiles
Manhattan-based design and manufacturing studio Sina Pearson Textiles have introduced a sustainable, high-performance indoor outdoor fabric line. As the names suggest, Allover and Anywhere can be used indoors and outside and are intended for both contract and residential use. Allover and Anywhere are sustainably woven in the United States with Sunbrella® Contract yarns, offering enhanced durability, bleach cleanability and stain-resistanceMore

Katherine LaNasa adds a taste of New Orleans to tiny Venice bungalow
Los Angeles Times
Katherine LaNasa plays a deliciously hard-edged, evil wife in the new TV series "Deception," but at home in her Venice bungalow, she showcases a soft side influenced by her native New Orleans. "Being from New Orleans completely dominates my sense of style," said the actress, who's also starring in "Jayne Mansfield's Car," the forthcoming film directed by Billy Bob Thornton. "There is a drama and a funk to New Orleans. It's the last place people play it safe. They celebrate the vibrancy of life." More

New FREE Report: 13 Interior Design Success Strategies for 2013
Thirteen could be – and should be –should be your lucky number in 2013. And it will be if you download the new free report entitled: "13 for '13: Thirteen Super Success Strategies for Interior Design Professionals." More

Houzz Tour: Feng Shui Lightens a Brooklyn, NY, Loft
Tired of her dark, closed-in apartment, a New York mom wanted a new look to give her and her twin toddler daughters a fresh start. Once a Brooklyn warehouse, this space had beautiful brick walls and beamed ceilings that had been covered up by Sheetrock. Interior designer Reiko Gomez stripped the space down to make it feel like a loft again and implemented feng shui principles to give both the client and her home a new life. More