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Sep. 12, 2012

Important GA survey
Federal Aviation Administration
The FAA's 34th annual General Aviation and Part 135 Survey for 2011 data is underway and available online at www.aviationsurvey.org. "Reducing GA fatalities is a top priority of the FAA and our goal is to reduce the GA fatal accident rate by 10 percent by 2018," said FAA Acting Administrator Michael Huerta. "By taking the time to participate in the FAA's GA survey, owners and operators share valuable data that help the entire GA community."More

Making sense of aircraft maintenance records
FAA Safety Briefing via IFA
As any pilot, aircraft owner or maintenance professional knows, an aircraft requires a thorough and seemingly complex system of record-keeping to ensure it can be operated safely. In addition to having the shared responsibility of ensuring an aircraft complies with all relevant regulations to maintain its airworthiness, there is also a need to keep an accurate log of equipment changes — everything from a new transponder to a new seat belt system.

Logbooks are the preferred method to enter and track these changes. With so many variations, it can be a daunting task to know which logbook to use when you are making or verifying an entry. And even when you use the correct one, deciphering information from a logbook can be frustrating. With a little guidance on where and what to look for, you will have a clearer path to ensuring your aircraft has what it needs to fly legally and safely. Learn more.More

Light plane collision caught on cockpit camera
VideoBriefA cameraman has filmed the moment a light aircraft collided with another plane in mid-air and started plunging towards a beach in the Netherlands. Footage of the accident shows the two single-engine planes flying side-by-side before colliding and becoming stuck together at the wings. More

NSTB report: Pilot's continued flight into instrument meteorological conditions led to fatal crash
General Aviation News
In September 2010, the pilot of a Cessna 210 was on a VFR cross-country flight. He did not have an instrument rating and there was no record of the pilot obtaining a weather briefing for the flight. The plane took off in VFR weather, but en route the weather began to deteriorate.More

Simulations show pilots should steer clear of wind farms
EE Times
Examining the risks of wind farms may pose for ultra-light aircraft, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System, in Oldenburg, Germany, report that they have developed a simulation tool that can compute how power plants influence aircraft at various wind speeds and wind directions. Researchers said the simulation can calculate how much turbulence wind farms generate, how they can alter wind speed and what influence these factors have on airplanes.More

Retired space shuttle Endeavour, on way to Los Angeles, will do flyovers
Los Angeles Times
NASA's plans for delivering the retired shuttle Endeavour to its permanent home in California call for the orbiter to fly on the back of a Boeing 747 over parts of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico, as well as landmarks in San Francisco and Sacramento, before landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Sept. 20. The low-level flyovers are likely to draw big crowds.More

Owner of GA airports seeks support in bid to take over shuttle landing facility
Florida Today
The owner of three Florida general aviation airports now wants to take over operations of Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility as part of a two-pronged approach to attract more space-related companies to the area. Kennedy Space Center is seeking applications by Sept. 24 to operate and maintain the landing site and surrounding facilities, and could decide on a governmental or commercial operator by next spring. The new operator could take over as early as October 2013.More

FLYING Magazine and IFA hat available to members
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Garmin does ADS-B
Flying Magazine
As the FAA is building out the infrastructure for its nationwide automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast (ADS-B) surveillance network, avionics manufacturers are beginning to market in earnest the gear that will take advantage of the benefits of this new technology. As this happens, it's becoming apparent that there are greater challenges to ADS-B and greater potential rewards than anyone had imagined when the concept was hatched more than a decade ago.More

Fly by brainwave
VideoBriefA Chinese team of researchers has developed a system for controlling a quadcopter using brain signals and has suggested that further development could create a system that allows disabled pilots to act as pilot in command of their own aircraft. And there could be other applications.More

Aviation Heritage Fair to fly Sept. 15 at Kent State Airport
Hudson Hub Times
The 2012 Aviation Heritage Fair is set to take flight at Ohio's Kent State University Airport on Sept. 15. The Aeronautics Program at KSU and the Stow-Munroe Falls Kiwanis Club is hosting the 16th annual fair. The event celebrates Ohio's aviation history with military and general aviation educational displays, aviation activities and historical aircraft.More

Oldest fly-in breakfast club in US to land in Greenville, SC
General Aviation News
On the morning of Sept. 30, The South Carolina Breakfast Club will be landing at the Greenville Downtown Airport. Members of the South Carolina Breakfast Club have been traveling to airports, in and right around South Carolina, since 1938, ceasing meetings only during World War II when there were restrictions on aviation fuel. The club has no dues, no attendance requirements and no bylaws; they have just one rule: "Safety First."More