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Oct. 24, 2012

Cessna 172 takes flight powered solely by a battery powered electric engine
A fully electric Cessna 172 has successfully flown multiple times powered by Panacis' advanced lithium batteries. The aircraft, designed by Colorado-based Beyond Aviation has been undergoing ground testing and short hop flights for almost a year with increasing range and altitude testing culminating in the recent completion of the entire test plan.More

Chuck Yeager breaks sound barrier on 65th anniversary
Flying Magazine
On Oct. 14, Brigadier General Charles "Chuck" Yeager completed a celebratory flight to mark the anniversary of his historic first supersonic flight. In pure Air Force fashion, Yeager, now 89, broke the sound barrier 45,000 feet over the Edwards Air Force Base at 10:24 a.m., 65 years to the minute after his original flight.More

Beyond the $100 hamburger
FAA Safety Briefing via IFA
What do I do now? That's one of the most common questions that arise once you earn that coveted airman certificate or rating. After a few flights of showing off your new skills to friends and family, or getting a $100 hamburger or two, you again arrive at that bedeviling question: What's next? To answer that question first requires some introspection for us as pilots. Learn more.More

Hobie Sunglasses discount available
I Fly America members receive a 50 percent discount off retail prices on a wide range of Hobie Sunglasses. You can count on Hobie for top-quality sunglasses. This discount can only be accessed through IFA's website. Check out the great styles and shop now!

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Pilot quiz: FAA regulations
Federal Aviation Regulations fill volumes and pilots are expected to know the ones that apply to their flying. Test yourself and see which of these you answer correctly.

1. In FAA language, what does the acronym CAMP stand for?

  1. Civilian Aviation Main Penalty
  2. Continental Airport Mandatory Process
  3. Continuous Airworthy Maintenance Program
2. What does MAA stand for?
  1. Maximum Authorized Altitude
  2. Minimum Approach Area
  3. Marginal Avionics Adjustment
Continue the quiz and find out the answers.More

MyWingMan app now available
Bendix/King has announced that its myWingMan application is now available for download from iTunes. The app is an all-in-one navigation, weather and flight information tool that combines moving map, weather and synthetic vision in one package with a simple user interface that does not use multiple menus for on-screen navigation.More

Endeavour's final mission: Across Los Angeles
Moving a retired space shuttle from LAX to the California Science Center, 12 miles away through densely populated urban neighborhoods, is no easy task. But when the huge shuttle actually turned up on their streets over the weekend, it drew admiring crowds. Bryan Chan, of the Los Angeles Times, created a fascinating time-lapse video showing Endeavour's last trip.More

Spaceport Colorado 'ideal hub' for suborbital flights
NBC News
The proposed Spaceport Colorado is moving closer to reality, with its supporters seeing it as an ideal hub to support high-speed suborbital flights with intercontinental range. Front Range Airport, striving to be the home of Spaceport Colorado, signed a letter of intent in September with Rocket Crafters Inc. for horizontal launch, dual-propulsion, suborbital flight operations at the general aviation airport.More

New website features aviation eBooks
General Aviation News
Find-it Fast Books now offers eBooks explaining the intricacies of aviation weather and NOTAMs. Pilots can use the search capabilities of bookmarks and hyperlinks to instantly decode contractions, interpret weather charts and understand inflight weather hazard reports and forecasts, according to company officials.More

Aviation junkie plans to fly to Bahamas in homemade plane
A man from Brunswick County, N.C., is trying to reach new heights. Norman Lewis is making a name for himself and his man-made aircraft, which he built right in his own garage. Lewis is flying from North Carolina to the Bahamas in just a few weeks. It took him one year to build his ultra light plane. It's an aircraft which most pilots use to play with but Lewis wants to go the distance in it.More

Woman aims to hitch a ride by air to all 50 states
The Seattle Times
Amber Nolan recently landed in Seattle, Washington state being the 11th stop toward her goal of flying into every state in the country. Nolan, philosopher, wanderer, budding travel writer, is 28 and couch surfing. She is down to her last 100 bucks. So how does she get from one place to another? To bypass all those airfares, Nolan hitches rides with pilots of small planes.More

Hartzell introduces aircraft cabin heaters
General Aviation News
Hartzell Engine Technologies has received FAA TSO approval for its new I-Series of aircraft cabin heaters. Adapted from its military proven S-Series heaters, the I-Series heaters contain a new combustion tube constructed of Inconel, a material proven to provide superior performance over ceramic coated stainless steel in extreme temperature applications, according to company officials. The I-Series heaters also feature a replaceable spark plug with an integral ground electrode to improve serviceability, officials add.More