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Dec. 23, 2014

Pilot of tiny Cessna makes landing at O'Hare
From Oct. 29: Judging by the reaction from the air traffic controller, Chicago O'Hare International Airport doesn't get a request like this one very often. The pilot of a tiny Cessna 172 requests to land at one of the world's busiest airports, a tiny sprout amid the Sequoias of the airline world. In a video posted on YouTube, the pilot calmly makes the audacious request: "With information Echo, would like to do a full stop taxi back at O'Hare." More

Accident Report — Over gross, under speed equals fatal results — Cessna 172N
I Fly America
From Dec. 3: A Cessna 172N was destroyed after colliding with forested terrain approximately 1,300 feet north of the Decatur Shores Airstrip, Decatur Island, Washington. The airplane was being operated as a visual flight rules (VFR) scheduled passenger flight under the provisions of Title 14, CFR Part 135, when the accident occurred. The pilot, an airline transport pilot, and the two passengers aboard the airplane were fatally injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a company flight plan was in effect. The pilot's planned destination was Anacortes, Washington. More

Can you ignore the ADS-B 2020 mandate?
General Aviation News
From Nov. 19: According to author Ben Sclair: The Jan. 1, 2020, ADS-B mandate has a lot of aircraft owners wringing their hands and seeing red. For those of us at the recreational end of the aviating spectrum, which represents a great many aircraft, plunking down the money it'll take to equip our aircraft to meet the mandate is not something we care to think about. So that got me to thinking who the ADS-B Out mandate applies to? Do you fly in airspace that requires a transponder? If not, you might not need to equip for the mandate. More

Small plane pilot makes 'spectacular' landing with no wheels
Washington Free Beacon
From April 23: A small plane in San Diego miraculously landed without wheels, pulling off what some are calling a "spectacular" feat. Student pilot Max Fitzmaurice was flying when he noticed a Cessna 210 attempting to land. The small plane, which was flying around San Diego's North County, attempted to land, but Fitzmaurice soon discovered that the wheels from the landing gear would not emerge. More

F-16 pilot was ready to give her life on Sept. 11
The Vancouver Sun
From Sept. 17: Late in the morning that changed everything, Lt. Heather "Lucky" Penney was on a runway at Andrews Air Force Base and ready to fly. She had her hand on the throttle of an F-16 and she had her orders: Bring down United Airlines Flight 93. More

6 big myths about the ADS-B mandate
From Nov. 26: According to the author Stephen Pope: I doubt what we're witnessing is any kind coordinated misinformation campaign, but I've been reading so much inaccurate information about ADS-B lately written by people who clearly should know better that I'm starting to wonder what's going on. On the face of it ADS-B is a bad deal for general aviation, no doubt about it. But in trying to cope with the rapidly approaching 2020 equipment mandate, we at least have to be honest in framing the debate. More

Listen to a pilot with hypoxia, guided by ATC, safely land a Learjet
From Sept. 17: According to author Logan Booker: Commercial airliners — and other high-altitude craft — are pressurised for a reason; along with it being a fair bit colder up there, there's less oxygen for us to breathe. Above 10,000 feet, it doesn't take long for a condition known as hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation, to set in, causing a range of symptoms that replicate intoxication. More

Accident report — VFR pilot meets IMC and trees — Aero Commander 500
I Fly America
From Oct. 29: An Aero Commander 500 impacted trees during climb out after takeoff from Petaluma, California. The private pilot and two passengers were not injured. The left wing of the airplane was substantially damaged. The owner operated the personal flight under 14 CFR Part 91. The flight departed from Petaluma at 2200, and was destined for Concord, California, where it landed about 2220. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed at Oakland, California, 36 miles southeast of Petaluma; however, the pilot reported that visual conditions prevailed at Petaluma and Concord. No flight plan was filed.

Pilot safely lands small plane in Texas field after losing its single propeller
New York Daily News
From Jan. 29: No propeller, no problem. Jack Barnett, a 79-year-old pilot, crash landed a small plane in a Texas field after it lost its single propeller dusted off the miraculous feat as "just one of those things" that come with flying. Barnett told KDFW-TV that he was about 2,000 feet above Willow Park just west of Fort Worth when the propeller suddenly snapped off the nose of his 1978 Grumman AA-5B. More

Accident Report — A dramatic suicide — Cessna 152
I Fly America
From Nov. 26: During low level cruise flight, within 2 minutes following takeoff, the Cessna 152 collided with terrain. The student pilot arrived at the airport during nighttime hours when the flight school was closed. He was not scheduled to fly that night and was not endorsed for night flight. He removed keys from the lockbox to an airplane of a type he had never before flown and for which he was not endorsed. More