IGLTA eNewsletter
Jan. 8, 2014

Welcome new members
Please join us in welcoming the businesses that joined IGLTA in December:
Turisaven – Beyond Expectations, The Taman Restaurant, Hilton Garden Inn – Central Park, Marriott Cali, Beyond Diving – Playa del Carmen, Intercontinental Cleveland, The Talbott Hotel, Loews Regency Hotel – Manhattan, In Touch Travel Services LLC, Dynamic Travel, UnderU4men, LGBT Forum Progres.More

Upcoming BSBD Opportunity: Fitur
IGLTA is offering booth share and brochure distribution at the 34th edition of Fitur, the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid, 22-26 January.More

Convention early-bird registration open!
Please join IGLTA 8-10 May at the Hotel Melia Castilla in beautiful Madrid for the premier educational and networking event in the LGBT tourism industry. Our 31st Annual Global Convention will be our first in Spain. This edition will include the debut of an appointment-driven Buyer/Supplier Marketplace (with free registration for qualified buyers) and a keynote presentation from the World Travel & Tourism Council and the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Please visit www.igltaconvention.org for complete details. Early-bird registration is available until 15 January.More

IGLTA now accepting board nominations
IGLTA is seeking at least four visionary, enthusiastic and dynamic leaders to join the board of directors. These individuals will work closely with other board members and staff to help IGLTA realize its mission, meet its goals and deliver on its priorities. Complete the application and then submit to nominations@iglta.org. The application deadline is 5 p.m. EST on 27 January.More

14 LGBT resolutions for 2014
The Huffington Post
For the LGBT community, 2013 was undoubtedly a banner year: there were important legal victories for equality, movie stars, pro-athletes and everyday people who "came out," which resulted in an unprecedented amount of mainstream acceptance, discussion and support of LGBT civil rights.More

Uganda's parliament passes life imprisonment for LGBT people
Uganda has passed its draconian anti-LGBT law that has been under consideration since 2009. The law does not include the death penalty provision it once did, but rather imprisons LGBT people for life.More

What Ugandan columnist cannot publish: Gay bashing will get us all bashed
Gay bashing will get us all bashed. For the first time in 15 years a well-respected news column was refused by the Uganda-based Sunday Vision. The author, Dr. Ian Clarke, was told his article could not run because of "editorial policy." With many readers in key position in Uganda, eTurboNews decided to publish Clarke's column in full.More

Perfecting the social media balancing act in 2014
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Social media has now been around for years. No matter the industry, you know you have to be on social media — especially in 2014. Managing social media is a fun part of the business, but realistically, it's also one of the hardest. It seems like there's always another social media site popping up, and to stay trendy, you and your business have to be on it. How in the world can one business manage all of these sites? Balancing social media is an act you have to learn to master quickly, before you burn out.More

Federal judge strikes down Utah ban on same-sex marriage
The Salt Lake City Tribune
A federal judge in Utah struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage, saying the U.S. Constitution offers the same equal protection and due process rights to same-sex individuals to marry the person of their choice that it gives heterosexual individuals.More

New Mexico Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage
The Washington Post
The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal in the Land of Enchantment. The court said in an unanimous decision that it is unconstitutional to deny marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.More

5 tips for marketing to Generation Z
The days of Sears Roebuck catalogs and radio marketing are long gone. Today's youngest consumers, aka Generation Z, are looking for a social and intuitive way to absorb the barrage of sights and sounds that make up today's advertising industry. Called the "holy grail for brands" by Marketing Magazine, these consumers are a highly coveted yet hard-to-reach market segment.More

What the merger between American and US Airways means for airports
By Matt Falcus
The biggest aviation story of the month so far has been the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. It was made official recently after American emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following its reorganization. The merger has been an on-again, off-again affair for many months, and now with its approval will create the world's largest airline. So what does it mean for airports across the country?More