IGLTA eNewsletter
Jul. 24, 2013

Welcome new IGLTA ambassadors
IGLTA's volunteer global ambassador program continues to expand around the world. We recently welcomed five new tourism professionals to our team: Felipe Cardenas, CEO of Cámara de Comerciantes LGBT de Colombia (the LGBT chamber of commerce) in Bogotá; Petr Prokopik, owner of the tour company Prague4gay.com in the Czech Republic; Birna Hrönn Björnsdóttir, co-founder of the Pink Iceland travel agency in Reykjavik; Rajat Singla, founder of the Pink Vbgyor travel agency in New Delhi; and Ruben Mora of the Mundo Joven travel agency in Mexico City. If you have questions about travel or membership in any of these countries, please reach out to them. We'll be posting more news and profiles from our ambassadors in upcoming issues of the eNewsletter.More

Vacation spots prime for gay travel boom
NBC News
Gay travel is surging. The recent marriage equality rulings are expected to fuel a gay honeymoon boom. Savvy travel operators are already figuring out how they can court the so-called pink dollar without turning away straight business.More

Same-sex marriage becomes law in England, Wales
BBC News
Same-sex couples will be able to get married in England and Wales after new measures became law. The government's controversial legislation on the issue received Royal Assent on 17 July.More

Midwest competition for gay wedding tourism?
The Associated Press via EDGE Boston
During four years as the only Midwestern state to offer same-sex marriage, Iowa has seen thousands of couples travel to the heartland for wedding celebrations that pumped millions of dollars into the state economy. But Iowa will get some competition in the cake and champagne industry when a Minnesota law legalizing gay marriage goes into effect on 1 August.More

Low-cost airline to save costs by only hiring female cabin crew
Indian low-cost airline GoAir is to only hire female flight attendants to save money on fuel costs. The Indian low-cost airline believes female-only cabin crew could save it 30 million rupees ($505,989) a year because they are lighter on average than their male colleagues.More

US Airways shareholders OK American Airlines merger
USA Today
US Airways shareholders have approved the pending merger with American Airlines, a step that moves it closer to becoming the largest carrier in the world. US Airways CEO Doug Parker announced the approval at the airline's annual meeting of stockholders.More

To survive in 10 years, your business will need…
By Emma Fitzpatrick
For any business, it's really easy to get caught up in the day to day, but stepping back and taking a look where your business needs to be is the key to success. Big or small, no business is guaranteed a fruitful financial year. In fact, maintaining your popularity with customers is hard work — and you always need to be 10 steps ahead. A recent study surveyed professionals about the next 10 years of marketing. Read on to discover what your business needs to remain thriving (and relevant) in 10 years.More

A gay Jewish poet travels through old Muslim Afghanistan
The Huffington Post
Thom Nickels writes, "When I was in high school I fell in love with the work of poet Edward Field. Recently, after thinking that the poet had been dead for years, I came across Kabuli Days, an account of the poet's travels in old Afghanistan. A travel diary on old Afghanistan, prior to the Taliban and the rise of radical Islam, whet my appetite and so I quickly investigated what Field had to say."More

Conceive or face jail, Mugabe tells gay couples
New Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe threatened to jail gay and lesbian couples who fail to conceive any offspring as he launched his party's election campaign.More

8 unexpected Instagram accounts from the travel world
Skift via NBC News
Travel is, by nature, one of the industries that had the most to gain when Instagram first launched. Aspirational photos of destinations, clever hotel design, and sexy stewardesses would allow travel companies to build brand awareness and stay in touch with customers even when they aren't planning a trip.More