IIDA Spectrum
Jan. 22, 2015

5 office design trends that supercharge a work space
When DigitalRelevance decided to relocate, it turned to fellow tech companies and resources such as the 2015 Interior Design Trends Report to discover what office design trends were dominating and providing benefit to their workspaces. They settled on five top strategies to maximize employee creativity and innovation through a thoughtful reinvention of the space.More

Top 10 retail design trends
Small Biz Daily
Shopping, often regarded as a chore, is going through a transformation as savvy shoppers of the 21st century are demanding a more interactive and visually appealing way of purchasing products. In this new age of technology, retailers are coming up with ever more innovative ways to keep consumers coming back for more. More

Hate the open office? A simple 'do-not-disturb' light could help focus
Fast Company's Co.Exist
One reason most people hate open offices is pretty obvious: Without an office door to close or at least a cubicle to hide in, it's easy for coworkers to stop by with a constant stream of interruptions. One solution? A do-not-disturb light that perches on your laptop and automatically turns red when you're focused on a deadline.More

Infographic: The history of office interior design
Office Principles
See how the design of the workplace has evolved from the 1920s era of basic, hard — and mostly silent — work, to the technology-driven modern office of today.More

Student Mentoring Week registration extended
Calling all IIDA Student Members! The registration deadline for the most dynamic student/mentor program in the Interior Design industry has been extended to Jan. 25. Get out of the classroom and experience a day-in-the-life of a design professional! Register today.More

42nd Annual Interior Design Competition and 23rd Annual Will Ching Design Competition
The two premier IIDA design competitions, the Interior Design Competition and the Will Ching Design Competition, are accepting entries. These international competitions honor outstanding, innovative, original designs in multiple categories, with the Interior Design Competition open to firms of any size and the Will Ching Design Competition open to firms of five employees or fewer. Deadline to submit your materials for either competition is Friday, Feb. 6.More

Beyond programming: The new kind of immersive research
What a simple thing design programming once was. Designers found out what a client wanted through discussions with top-level staff and detailed surveys given to employees. But in recent years, design research has become exponentially more complex and comprehensive.More

McDonald's Australian experiment: Look less like McDonald's
The Corner, a new cafe in Sydney's trendy inner west, looks a lot like its peers: white frontage, rustic wooden seating, potted plants on the counter, quinoa on the menu and servers wearing hemp aprons. But look a little closer at the black name sign over the door and a visitor will see "McCafe, established 2014" scrawled in small type.More

Center for Active Design to create guidelines for promoting civic engagement using design
Interiors & Sources
To help build cities that encourage citizens to get involved in shaping the future of their communities, the Center for Active Design will create a set of design guidelines that use architecture and urban planning to encourage more civic engagement. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is supporting the initiative with $115,000. More

Boeing's latest office is a building inside a building
Fast Company's Co.Design
Facing pressure to churn out more planes to meet demand, the world's largest plane manufacturer decided to put its design engineers closer to the action — in a new office building built directly inside the factory.More

New master's program helps bridge the gap between design, management
The Master in Architectural Management and Design program at IE School of Architecture and Design has set out to incorporate the seldom addressed business aspects of the AEC professions into the curriculum.More

How to handle difficult conversations at work
Harvard Business Review
Difficult conversations — whether you're telling a client the project is delayed or presiding over an unenthusiastic performance review — are an inevitable part of management. How should you prepare for this kind of discussion? How do you find the right words in the moment? And, how can you manage the exchange so that it goes as smoothly as possible?More

Are you a bit too nice?
Rashid Kotwal on LinkedIn
Meet Carl. He's a wonderful relationship builder who enjoys talking to prospects and clients. People are always willing to chew the fat with him and enjoy his calls. Carl's great when it comes to customer service. Nothing is too much trouble. He's always on your side. Maybe even a bit too much. Know anyone like that? More