IIDA Spectrum
Apr. 2, 2015

Hotel design trends target millennial guests
Millennial guests are choosing hotels that forgo cookie cutter design for authenticity. "Authenticity is the new definition of luxury," Erin Green, vice president of development Americas of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, said at the recent Americas Lodging Investment Summit Conference. That means creating bespoke hotel experiences that reflect the surrounding community — and the trend is taking over in hotels worldwide.More

Study: 1 in 3 workers consider physical space when weighing job offer
Human Spaces
A recent study of 7,600 office workers in 16 countries concluded that office design is so important to workers that a third of them — 33 percent — say it would unequivocally affect their decision whether or not to work somewhere.More

A look at innovation and inspiration in sustainability
U.S. Green Building Council
Seattle, Houston, and Atlanta exemplify some of the ambitious green endeavors underway in the country. Can these LEED leaders offer inspiration to green champions elsewhere?More

Healthier by design
Brown Medicine
User-friendly, affordable, efficient: These are adjectives few people associate with health care — physicians included. From electronic medical records to isolation gowns to procedure tables, providers want more functionality and improved outcomes. In most cases, that means better design. Yet designers, who possess the imagination and the prototyping skills, have little access to or knowledge of the world of medicine.More

4 reasons to consider alternative office design
Fast Company
While establishing a new headquarters, one CEO found that giving employees the power to choose their work space is just what he needed to make them more collaborative and creative.More

The design behind the office cubicle
The office cubicle wasn't supposed to be a prison; it was created to save us from a dysfunctional workplace. Nikil Saval, author of "Cubed: A Secret History of The Workplace," explains why it failed.More

Rubbermaid's design center surprises with sleekness
It's somehow a relief to find out that purpose-built offices are still being built without quirky amenities, like goal posts or adult ball pits. The new Kalamazoo, Michigan, design center for cleaning product company Newell Rubbermaid shows how even a company that designs modest plastic trash bins and food storage containers needs a sleek, minimalist office space. More

Behind the design: How Gensler met Bottle Rocket's creative needs
Dallas Business Journal
Bottle Rocket's new offices were built strategically to help the application and creative studio work more efficiently. Over the course of about 18 months, Gensler's team worked with Bottle Rocket officials to accomplish a design that would fit the unique needs of the company that thrives on creativity. More

Nominations still being accepted for IIDA Educator and Student of the Year
Join IIDA in recognizing the dedication, passion, achievement, and excellence of IIDA Members who are making outstanding contributions to the study of interior design. Nominations still being accepted:


Final Deadline for IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America & The Caribbean
Enter the 3rd Annual IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America & The Caribbean Competition today! This competition will recognize, honor, and celebrate outstanding Interior Design/Architecture projects located in Latin America and the Caribbean in 15 categories for creativity, originality, and design excellence. Entries are due Thursday, April 16.More

Now accepting entries: 19th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition
Exhibitors at HD Expo 2015 are invited to submit product entries, which will be judged on design innovation, technical advancements, cost and value, environmental responsibility, aesthetics, need, and usage within hospitality applications. Entries are due Friday, April 24. More

Braga, Hughes, Molina, and Shimoda named IIDA Fellows
IIDA has announced that four members will be inducted into its College of Follows, the highest honor offered by IIDA to its members. This year's honorees are Julio Braga, FIIDA, LEED AP; Stanford Hughes, FIIDA, FAIA, LEED AP; Susanne Molina, FIIDA, CID, LEEP AP; and Joey Shimoda, FIIDA, FAIA, Contract's 2013 Designer of the Year.More

What to expect when Maison & Objet comes to America
Interior Design
It's like the second coming of Art Basel, say Miami locals of the buzz surrounding Maison & Objet's American debut. The highly regarded Paris-based interiors trade show hits the beach May 12-15. Teresa Laughlin, a spokesperson for the event, hears Art Basel-like references nonstop. More

How to separate the personal from the professional on social media
Harvard Business Review
Let's face it: Social media is risky. A single unfortunate post can throw a career off track. And yet in an era in which younger workers are connected with an average of 16 co-workers online and up to 60 percent of hiring managers use social media to screen potential hires, it is simply not reasonable to stay off social media entirely. So how can we balance the personal and professional online?More

4 effective ways to combat laissez-faire leadership
Betty Boyd
Leadership is a great responsibility, and one that should not be taken lightly. However, there are people within organizations who are leaders in title only. Here are four ways an organization can combat this type of "leadership."More