IPC Global Insight
Aug. 18, 2015

IPC-4101D-WAM1 brings significant changes and clarifications
IPC-4101D-WAM1 delivers key updates for board designers, specifiers of board materials, and OEM’s who use and keep boards current with base materials used in PCBs. More

Congressman Sam Johnson tours Creation Technologies in Texas
Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX-3) met with executives and employees of IPC-member company Creation Technologies at the company’s manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas on August 13. More

Join IPC's push to evolve event
IPC has initiated its own Push to Evolve by changing the way we deliver testing and certification. By evolving to an online process, IPC is improving quality of delivery for testing and certification as well as providing a more secure testing process. More

Advent of AEC and its impact on the electronics industry in Southeast Asia
ASEAN, or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, is aiming to form its own economic community by the end of this year. The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) envisions regional economic integration with a single market and production base.More

Take action now to stop costly EU conflict minerals directive
In May, the EU Parliament (EP) overwhelmingly passed regulations requiring the mandatory certification and reporting of conflict minerals throughout the supply chain. More

Connect with global leaders in high-reliability
Focus on critical high reliability issues, connect with experts and learn about innovations in materials, methodologies and testing, and more at IPC Europe Forum: Innovation for Reliability, October 13-15 in Essen, Germany. More

Join the conversation on how key EU directives and regulations affect your business
Updates on conflict minerals legislation, the RoHS Directive and other supply chain issues will be provided at IPC Conference on Government Regulation on October 13 in Essen, Germany. More

Submit an abstract or proposal for IPC APEX EXPO 2016 — deadline extended for Tech Conference abstract submissions
Submit an abstract for one of the industry’s premier technical conferences or provide a course proposal for one of its largest educational events.More

High reliability for medical, military and automotive sectors
IPC Flexible Circuits – HDI Forum will address challenges associated with Flex and HDI technology with a focus on high-reliability applications, notably in the military-aerospace and medical sectors. More

Lead Free Hand Soldering
This DVD training program is intended for operators who already understand the basics of hand soldering, and simply need to learn the differences between soldering with tin-lead vs. lead free solder. More

Tech question of the week
Is there a different chemistry between thin and thick immersion silver?More

New releases on standards, translations, market research ...
View recently released standards including IPC-T-50M, IPC-7801, IPC-A-610F, IPC J-STD-001F, IPC-1071A, IPC-8701, IPC-7092, and translations; market research documents; multimedia presentations; technical papers and more. More

Status of standardization: Standards for ballot and final drafts
View IPC documents under development.More

IPC member milestones
Intel Corporation (Hillsboro, Ore.) recently celebrated its 35th year as an IPC member. See other companies celebrating membership anniversaries.

New Members
Invest in your company by joining IPC and experience the membership benefits of the industry’s premier global association. Learn more about IPC membership.More

Metamaterials help machines hear
R&D Magazine
Amid a roomful of auditory stimulation, humans can hone in on a single conversation and dampen extraneous stimuli. Psychologists have referred to this human phenomena as the “cocktail party effect.” Unlike humans, machines are still playing catch-up in this realm. But a new sensor developed at Duke University may bridge the gap, allowing programs, such as Apple’s Siri, the ability to distinguish specific vocalizations in a crowded room.More

A thin ribbon of flexible electronics can monitor health, infrastructure
A new world of flexible, bendable, even stretchable electronics is emerging from research labs to address a wide range of potentially game-changing uses. The common, rigid printed circuit board is slowly being replaced by a thin ribbon of resilient, high-performance electronics. Over the last few years, one team of chemists and materials scientists has begun exploring military applications in harsh environments for aircraft, explosive devices and even combatants themselves.More

Unique single-sided flexible circuits
The number of iterations, sequences and combinations possible when manufacturing a flexible circuit can create unique product features to reduce hand assembly of wires, create switch contacts, or eliminate connectors. With minor alterations in basic processing steps such as through-hole generation, etching, plating and stiffener bonding, a flex circuit applications engineer can often imagine and configure a dramatically different flexible circuit. More

New graphene discovery could improve future electronics
Composites Manufacturing
The University of Wisconsin announced that researchers have discovered a way to grow graphene nanoribbons with desirable semiconducting properties directly on a germanium semiconductor wafer. This could allow manufacturers to use ultra-narrow graphene nanoribbons in hybrid integrated circuits, which would enhance the performance of future electronic devices.More

1st-year nanoscience students advance toward self-assembling nanoelectronics
First year nanoscience students at the University of Copenhagen have made an important advance toward self-assembling nanoelectronics — tiny molecular circuits that spontaneously self-assemble from chemical substances in appropriate conditions. The research results are published in ChemNanoMat with the title "Template-Guided Ionic Self-Assembled Molecular Materials and Thin Films with Nanoscopic Order." More