IPC Global Insight
Aug. 25, 2015

IPC releases IPC-4101D-WAM1, specification for base materials for rigid and multilayer printed boards
This standard provides key updates for board designers, specifiers of board materials, fabricators and OEMs who use and keep boards current with base materials used in PCBs.More

Court backs companies' free speech over conflict minerals
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit declared on August 18 that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cannot force public companies to declare whether their products may contain “conflict minerals.”More

IPC global survey reveals top issues of concern for industry executives
An IPC survey of industry executives titled "What Keeps You Up at Night?" was conducted this summer to identify executives' biggest business problems. The most widely cited concern, as well the one rated as having the highest impact on the respondents' businesses, was demand variability. More

IPC issues technical conference participation call for IPC APEX EXPO 2016
Submit an abstract for one of the industry’s premier technical conferences or provide a course proposal for one of its largest educational events. Deadline for technical conference paper abstracts extended to: September 14, 2015.More

Congressman Mike Honda tours Juki Automation Systems in California
On August 18, Congressman Mike Honda (D-Silicon Valley) met with executives and employees of IPC-member company Juki Automation Systems at the company's facility in Fremont, Calif.More

Join IPC's push to evolve event
IPC has initiated its own Push to Evolve by changing the way we deliver testing and certification. By evolving to an online process, IPC is improving quality of delivery for testing and certification as well as providing a more secure testing process. More

Connect with global leaders in high-reliability
Focus on critical high reliability issues, connect with experts and learn about innovations in materials, methodologies and testing, and more at IPC Europe Forum: Innovation for Reliability, October 13-15 in Essen, Germany. More

Join the conversation on how key EU directives and regulations affect your business
Updates on conflict minerals legislation, the RoHS Directive and other supply chain issues will be provided at IPC Conference on Government Regulation on October 13 in Essen, Germany. More

High reliability for medical, military and automotive sectors
IPC Flexible Circuits – HDI Forum will address challenges associated with Flex and HDI technology with a focus on high-reliability applications, notably in the military-aerospace and medical sectors. More

The 7 sins of wire harness assembly
This DVD training program focuses on the most common problems that typically go wrong during the wire harness assembly process — and provides information on how to rectify each transgression. More

Tech question of the week
What are the pros and cons of LF laminate voids? More

New releases on standards, translations, market research
View recently released standards including IPC-T-50M, IPC-7801, IPC-A-610F, IPC J-STD-001F, IPC-1071A, IPC-8701, IPC-7092, and translations; market research documents; multimedia presentations; technical papers and more. More

Status of standardization: Standards for ballot and final drafts
View IPC documents under development.More

IPC member milestones
K-Tron Electronics (Pitman, N.J.) recently celebrated its 25th year as an IPC member. See other companies celebrating membership anniversaries.

New Members
Invest in your company by joining IPC and experience the membership benefits of the industry’s premier global association. Learn more about IPC membership.More

Thermal interface materials enable faster, more efficient electronics
Printed Electronics World
Proper selection of thermal interface materials is crucial for the efficiency of electronic devices, has been proven to reduce the cost of ownership, reduce system power consumption and increase operational lifetime. The IDTechEx Research report Thermal Interface Materials 2015-2025: Status, Opportunities, Market Forecasts finds that this market will be $1.3 billion in 2015, growing to $3 billion in 2025.More

Laser-burned graphene gains metallic powers
R&D Magazine
Rice University chemists who developed a unique form of graphene have found a way to embed metallic nanoparticles that turn the material into a useful catalyst for fuel cells and other applications. Laser-induced graphene, created by the Rice lab of chemist James Tour last year, is a flexible film with a surface of porous graphene made by exposing a common plastic known as polyimide to a commercial laser-scribing beam.More

Visual search next opportunity for electronics components industry
Few visual search engines today, if any, can identify the details in electronic components, though several engine options, such as EyesFinder, Blippar, Snap36, and VizSeek, have emerged. Some will no doubt give it a try. Retailers also have begun integrating visual search into their apps. The more sophisticated ones base the technology on artificial neural networks.More

Taking hold: Adhesives tackle multiple materials
Multiple materials are now common in aerospace and automotive assemblies, and they’re showing up in consumer electronics and medical devices. Fastening them together has been a major dilemma. Outside of specialized aerospace and automotive designs, very few fasteners can do the job reliably. But adhesive makers are stepping up to the challenge.More