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Apr. 23, 2015

Spring cleaning ideas for membership pros
Associations Now
It’s once again time to dust off your well-worn association membership practices and make them sparkle anew. Get inspired with these refreshing ideas regarding engagement, surveys, recruitment and storytelling.More

How to attract and engage millennial attendees for your event
Event Manager Blog
Our events and our attendance rates, fundraising and marketing campaigns will all be influenced by the up and coming generations. So who is the Millennial generation and how can you begin attracting them to your events and engaging them while they are in attendance?More

Boost non-dues revenue through Instagram
Association Adviser
Most of you have heard of Instagram by now. Many of you are using it for fun or for business. How many of you are earning revenue from it? Learn how one association is boosting their non-dues revenue through Instagram.More

Drawing a clear line on transparency in associations
By Robert C. Harris
It is true there are regulations for public governmental bodies that facilitate openness and transparency. Among private-sector associations, however, the requirements are different. Board members often confuse the transparency required of governmental bodies with that of associations.More

Adding remarketing to your membership and conference marketing mix
Membership Marketing Blog
In most cases, all of your marketing efforts drive members and customers to your website to join, register, or purchase an item. But the reality is that once a prospect comes to your website many do not complete their transaction on the first visit. They may need to check their calendar, the cost of flights, or get budget approval to attend. Because an organization’s website is core to the purchasing process and because many prospective members do not buy on their first visit, adding online remarking advertising to website is a necessity today for organizations.More

The best mobile online community options: Responsive web design vs. mobile sites vs. native apps
The increased use of mobile devices poses both opportunities and challenges for businesses. Though the mobile strategy conversation and the experiments that organizations are launching in their markets are not new, the current discussion is centered around responsive web design, mobile sites, and native apps. Which is better? Where should you invest your valuable resources when it comes to staying ahead of the curve? The answer is simple and unpopular: it depends.More