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May. 7, 2015

Success leaves clues
By Chris Egelston
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Why am I not as successful as those people? That’s the question I asked myself many years ago and it set me on the path to studying success. Once you begin studying success, you begin to realize that there are certain core principles of success that all high-achievers follow. And these principles are not hidden in secret vaults and passed on to only the select few. They are hidden in plain sight.More

Free webinar: Social media without wasting your time
The age of social media experimentation is over, and this resource-gobbling activity needs to pull its own weight. So how do you really engage members and other stakeholders — without wasting your time? How can you generate "content" that demonstrates value, particularly when the competition is "free"? Most importantly, how can you protect against identity theft, brand hijacking and other risks? Join us on Thursday, May 14 at noon ET as author and social media expert Randall Craig shares practical advice and insight in a tight, content-focused free webinar.More

Retired members: Tough to serve, too many to ignore
Associations Now
There aren’t a lot of clear best practices in associations for how to craft a successful membership offer for your industry’s retirees, but with baby boomers moving past 65, it seems like an opportunity ready for the taking.More

How your association can use video to engage members
Association Adviser
It’s all about video now. There’s no doubt that video is a powerful communications tool. Using social media, email, digital publications and events to promote your videos will help you inform members of this wonderful benefit you offer.More

5 tips to help your members master association networking
Networking. It’s one of your organization’s most valuable offerings. But while some of your members might be stellar networkers, others, such as your younger, less experienced members, might not know how to capitalize on this offering. If your members don’t see the value in networking, they’re likely to leave your organization over time. So to help these emerging professionals make the most out of your association’s networking opportunities, try passing along these five tips.More

3 things your association needs to STOP doing to thrive
Principled Innovation
The central imperative for 21st century association decision-makers is to build their organizations to thrive. If you’re serious about taking action on this imperative, then it’s high time to create the necessary conditions for moving the work forward by ending three orthodox mindsets that still exist within the vast majority of associations.More

Little habits that hurt association credibility
Smooth the Path
We hold our place in conversations with filler words which act as a bridge between coherent thoughts. Most commonly these words are “ah,” “um,” “er,” and “so, you know.” We slide in filler words to indicate to others that we’re still talking. If people use filler words in their communications do organizations use the equivalent of filler words in their marketing messaging? What little signals are associations unintentionally sending that make them less credible and trustworthy?More

How to write your next piece of content (infographic)
In writing, process is necessary because you need a kind of road map to get you to where you need to be. Use these 12 steps from Ann Handley’s “Everybody Writes” to take your writing from a discombobulated mess to a coherent, useful piece of content that engages audiences.More