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Sep. 11, 2014

10 elements of a winning member engagement strategy
If you’re involved in community management, you’ve likely heard of the 90-9-1 principle. The numbers represent speculated percentages of engagement in online communities — with 90 percent of participants only viewing content, 9 percent responding to content and 1 percent actively participating in the creation of new content. Even though these numbers are meant to guess at online participation as a whole and not specifically address engagement in online customer or member communities, they still seem pretty dismal. It’s difficult not to get discouraged by such speculation when your member engagement is so critical to the success of your online community and association as a whole.More

How big is your buildup of past members?
Associations Now
Even if your association is growing, the churn of recruitment and lapsed members means you likely have more past members than active ones. What should your relationship be with them?More

Are you engaging your meeting participants?
Association Adviser
The term “attendee” is outdated. At today’s meetings, “participant” is a much more accurate term. That’s because today’s participants are more engaged than ever in the meetings experience. Mobile and social technologies have made events of all sizes more interactive. At today’s meetings, event apps, hashtags and gamification are all required and expected for participants who want to make the most of their time at your event.More

Simple tips for recruiting members
One of the keys to success in business is taking the time to develop relationships. It’s easy in this day and age for one to hide behind their professional business title, losing the personal touch in their day-to-day interactions as their work activities become increasingly automated and repetitive. People are not a means to an end, but an end themselves. This is especially important to remember when gathering new members for associations. Here are some tips for making sure that one’s association is capturing the human element in its communications when prospecting.More

Association hunger games: Victory or defeat?
Event Garde
According to a 2005 Harvard Business Review article, “Companies typically realize only about 60 percent of their strategy’s potential value because of defects and breakdowns in planning and execution.” Here you can easily replace the word “companies” with any functional area or department within your organization. As a supplier, you might also think in terms of “sales” or “services.” This execution gap suggests that what we plan to do doesn’t quite align with what actually gets done. The resulting gap represents lost opportunities and revenue. Imagine our potential if we improved our execution by just 50 percent.More

5 tips for success with ad hoc volunteers
Spark Consulting
Thanks to ASAE’s 2008 Decision to Volunteer study, we know that our members are eager to volunteer. But thanks to generational trends and research, we know that our volunteers are looking for different volunteer experiences, more of the ad hoc or micro-volunteering type. When you’re used to working mostly with standing committees, though, it can be tough to figure out how to create good ad hoc volunteer work. Here are five tips for success.More

7 places to find content ideas for your association blog
Sometimes the well runs dry and you question your whole idea of writing a blog for your association. But don’t worry; topics are everywhere. You just need to know where to look.More