ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 10, 2012

Performance management: Motivate by incentive
Human Performance and Productivity
C. S. Clarke writes, "Sometimes I get a little tired of listening to the latest management consultant fads. One that annoys me considerably is the idea that motivating behavior by using incentives is somehow grubby and meant only for lower-level workers, while more sophisticated employees need more trust, freedom, flexibility and recognition because motivating them is much more complicated. Oh, bosh!"More

The integrated learning manifesto
Think about the last time you engaged in a learning activity at your workplace. Did the course give you what you needed at the right time? Did it clearly relate to your career, building on your existing skills and moving you closer to completing a business requirement or meeting a personal career goal? Or did it feel more like something you had to do in order to check off a box on a list of requirements? Enter integrated learning.More

Global learning language
Chief Learning Officer
It is time for U.S.-based global companies to expand their commitment to workforce language skills.More

Coaching for success: Ask the right questions
Toolbox for HR
In this fast-paced world of technology and doing more with less, leaders and trainers often gravitate to finding the solution instead of coaching to find the right question. A study of brain science shows how asking key questions can unlock employees' potential.More

The value of knowledge exchange
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Participants in the "Achieving Impact at Scale" conference hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came together recently from a wide range of professions and diverse backgrounds to share their knowledge and perspectives.More

Wake up HR — the future is here
Natalie Cooper questions Peter Thompson about changing patterns in the workplace, outdated HR practices and what HR must do to influence the boardroom agenda and survive. This is his vision for the future of work.More

Building effective teams in emerging markets
Harvard Business Review
A Uruguayan team's experience in Venezuela proves the value of longstanding relationships.More

How data mining can help you expect the unexpected
Smart Business
Many uncontrollable factors can affect your business. Economic, technological, competitive, regulatory and political issues — even succession — all can affect your business at the most inconvenient of times. But planning in advance can be the key to maintaining your business through these shocks.More