ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 17, 2012

Jump-start your productivity
HRM Asia
Despite the economic uncertainty looming in the near future, most companies are not scaling back on their training budgets. A survey by The Ken Blanchard Companies revealed 78 percent of companies will be spending the same or more on their learning and development initiatives in the next financial year, marking a 6 percent increase over the previous year's findings.More

From bureaucratic, divided, passive and exhausted to productive, creative, autonomous and happy
Management Innovation eXchange
Tokio Marine Nichido Systems was a bureaucratic, vertically divided, passive and exhausted IT company. In 2004, a system engineer initiated an action to address that dysfunctional and stagnant environment — and that action triggered a series of transformational initiatives. This eclectic portfolio of change efforts — some grassroots, many voluntary and some organization-wide — helped the company's culture turn the corner.More

Time management: Distracted by time-saving technology?
There are so many so-called "time-saving" methods and technologies available today to get things done. Why does it seem you have more to do than ever before? Why does it seem everything actually takes longer to accomplish now?More

When 'agility' adopts the symptoms of ADD
Authors Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer have coined a useful term: strategic attention deficit disorder. It refers to leaders lurching from one priority to another in short order, and this morale-melting shortcoming seems to be on the rise.More

Reaching that goal, a mile at a time
Business Management Daily
In 1911, two teams of adventurers were preparing to be the first people in modern history to reach the South Pole. The leaders of each team, Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, were of a similar age and had comparable experience. But only one team, Amundsen's, reached the destination. The other team failed. What made the difference?More

Alternative onboarding: Getting employees happy on Day 1
Talent Management
Imagine a job where the first day wasn't focused on filling out paperwork, learning where the bathroom was or getting the scoop on the company's file server system. Now imagine a job where on the first day, after you learned where the bathroom was, you were given the chance to contribute to the job and not be forced to drown in an endless pool of mundane procedural nonsense.More

Training for jobs
National Fund for Workforce Solutions via The New York Times
A recent article in The New York Times suggests publicly financed, customized worker training programs benefit companies at the expense of taxpayers. In fact, well-designed training tailored to the needs of businesses can provide a high return on investment to workers and communities. More

Downtime means time for sustainability
Environmental Leader
When other businesses are slowing down for summer, winter holidays or spring break, sustainability managers finally have the time and freedom to make some headway in finding better ways to reach their goals.More