ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 22, 2013

The dirty little secret of employee surveys
Troy Media
Each year, hundreds of thousands of people, employees from the executive suite to the front lines, are asked to complete an employee survey. Almost a billion dollars' worth of engagement surveys are sold in North America each year. But is any of it working? Is business getting a return on the investment?More

How to avoid falling behind on the continuing education curve
One of the main issues with retaining employees and keeping them on top of their A-game is the availability of continuing education. Richard Hagen, director of training at MultiView, says the best approach is to offer classes in several different ways and at regular intervals.More

2013 employee handbook update: What changes should be made?
A carefully worded employee handbook can help shield your organization from liability. However, it can only do its job if kept up-to-date. Here are some considerations for your 2013 employee handbook update, regarding topics such as social media policies, use of criminal history, FMLA and FLSA issues related to winter weather and others.More

The new recipe for workforce innovation
When Stanley Works merged with Black & Decker Corp. in 2010, it inherited a floundering power-tool unit. "We were losing our way," says John Cunningham, president of the consumer products division of Stanley Black & Decker Inc., who had been with Dewalt, part of Black & Decker, before the merger. "As we changed leadership, we were faced with turning the brand around and reinvigorating it." One of the new leadership team's first moves: carve out innovation teams freed of daily time-to-market pressures. More

What to do now: Shape up as offshored jobs return
The Economist
Within particular industries, outsourcing and offshoring have been among globalization's most disruptive consequences. But despite all the scares about job losses in the West, the trend is already slowing and may soon start to tail off. Companies' decisions on where to locate will be increasingly driven by where they can find the skilled workers they need.More

Enabling business intelligence with workflow automation
EHR Watch
The list of pain points for many health care organizations today is a long one. Lingering economic woes and uncertainty about the future has many a hospital administrator looking for new ways reduce costs, increase revenue and improve staff efficiency, among other necessary strategies. Utilizing best practices, Lean strategies or other performance improvement tactics, hospitals have been able to achieve some success in improving patient care and processes while decreasing costs. What many don't understand, however, is that they are sitting on a gold mine of sorts — a trove of data that can be used to promote significant operational, clinical and financial enhancements. More