ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 24, 2012

6 ways to put the 'brain' back in brainstorming
It's a familiar scene: The boss calls for a brainstorming session and everyone obediently shuffles into the conference room to stare at a white board, trying to pull new ideas out of thin air. The result? A handful of participants monopolize the conversation, a few others contribute occasionally, while the remainder sit by silently, waiting to get back to work.More

UK charities embrace collaborative learning video project
People Management
Learning and development professionals at more than 100 nonprofit organizations in the U.K. have embarked on a large-scale L&D video project aimed at sharing best practices within the sector.More

Global cultural integration: HR shows the way
Deccan Herald
The term "global village," in the past just a fancy concept, has become a reality. How can an organization with a global presence maintain its individuality while assimilating various local cultures, traditions and practices? What factors can help instantly bond people, no matter the location?More

Leading change in the 'new normal'
Harvard Business Review
A strategy consultant and an executive coach write, "As we watch business leaders struggling to adjust to the 'new normal' of the global economy, we can't help thinking of the economic transition India began almost 20 years ago."More

Why busy work doesn't work
A sense of urgency is crucial for organizations looking to transform themselves and achieve results. But too often, people mistake being busy with being urgent. The best leaders prioritize only those activities that create a true sense of urgency — positive motivation for employees to focus on their company's long-term opportunity for success.More

Prosperity at risk: US competitiveness lagging
Harvard Business School
What ails the American economy? Surely the Great Recession continues to weigh on the United States. But ample evidence now points to a series of structural changes that began long before the Great Recession and threaten to undermine the long-term competitiveness of the U.S.More

Sustainability: The Dell approach
Business Excellence
There are five key areas organizations must address to ensure sustainability is at the heart of their business, says Jean Cox-Kearns, director of Compliance for Dell Global Take Back.More