ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 31, 2012

New EEOC rule soon to focus on age issues
If an employer makes a decision or series of decisions that have a disparate impact on its older workers, it must show that it acted on the basis of one or more "reasonable factors other than age."More

The business of good friends
Gallup Management Journal
News flash: Your team's chats around the water cooler aren't necessarily time wasters. Gallup research shows that socializing is good for your employees' well-being — and your company's performance.More

NLRB issues report on social media policies in the workplace
National Labor Relations Board
To help provide further guidance to practitioners and human resource professionals, NLRB Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon has released a second report describing social media cases reviewed by his office.More

Apple's code of conduct audit could start new trend in supply chains
Supply Chain Digest
In a move that may set a precedent for other global manufacturers, Apple has released details of an internal audit on working conditions at its contract manufacturing facilities, research that came after a string of suicides at one of its CMs brought into question how its contractors were treating workers making iPhones and iPads.More

Your No. 1 leadership challenge: Human capital maturity
Harvard Business Review
The new generation of leaders will find themselves responsible early in their careers for the work of teams in and from places far from home. To be effective, they will need to master a concept few leaders today even know about: human capital maturity.More

Naval hospital becomes training ground for program improvement
The Daily News
In October 2010, Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital was the worst in the Navy at returning findings for service members sidelined by wounds, injury or illness in a timely manner. A little more than a year later, officials from distant Marine Corps bases and even other services pay visits to the hospital to learn how to improve their own programs. All it took was a number of sleepless nights and a different way of seeing things.More