ISPI Performance Digest
Feb. 7, 2012

Stand-up staff meetings: No racing to best seats
The Wall Street Journal
Like military leaders during World War I, a growing number of business executives are embracing the stand-up staff meeting. Fueled by the rising popularity of "Agile," an approach to software development, the standing meeting has been shown to take a third less time than sitting meetings while producing the same quality of decision-making.More

The problem with virtual training: Instructional design, not distance
Training at a distance is more hassle than it's worth, several CEOs have warned. But Janet Clarey, a senior analyst at training consultancy Bersin & Associates, says it's not distance creating the trouble; it's a lack of appropriate instructional design.More

Motivate high performance by promising rewards
Business Management Daily
Employee recognition programs are not quite as popular as they once were, but the 86 percent of businesses that use them find rewards and incentives still spur sales, improve retention and employee loyalty and raise productivity during an era of slim pay raises and uncertain bonuses.More

Does it matter where your top team sits?
Harvard Business Review
Leaders naturally want their teams sitting close to them and to one another. Frequent, informal coordination helps smooth the way to organizational effectiveness, and the personal bonds formed by working nearby can enhance a management team's working relationships. Formal analysis proves this positive correlation is real and significant.More

Macaroni Grill: Interactive mentoring boosts sales, satisfaction
Nation's Restaurant News
Romano's Macaroni Grill is rolling out to all 181 company restaurants a system that helps servers boost sales and guest satisfaction by combining data analysis with personalized coaching.More

5 podcasts that will change the way you think
Think of all the moments in the day when your mind is idle. Podcasts are a great way to fill those pockets of time while still doing the task at hand. These thought-provoking podcasts will change the way you think.More

Energy efficiency: A competitive advantage that can't be denied
Sustainable Plant
The manufacturing industry, in general, has become more sensitized to the values and risks surrounding energy, ranging from competitive cost pressures to supply quality to possible legislation. On the other hand, commercial buildings collectively use about 20 percent of U.S. energy, yet they have been slow to realize the competitive advantage gained through energy efficiency.More

Can Digital Learning Day launch a classroom revolution?
Christian Science Monitor
Organizers of the first national Digital Learning Day hope it will inspire more educators, students and parents to harness new technologies to enhance young people's enthusiasm for learning and help them master key 21st-century skills.More