ISPI Performance Digest
Feb. 14, 2012

Focus HR on process improvement
Harvard Business Review
Editor's note: The following article features the story of Cedric Coco, CPT, senior vice president of learning and organizational effectiveness for Lowe's.

To deliver more value, the human resources function needs to spend more time accelerating operational improvement and less time on its traditional administrative and compliance activities. Exactly how can HR accelerate process improvement?More

The cost of bad project management
Gallup Management Journal
Projects often fail because organizations put more emphasis on rational factors than on employees' psychological engagement — and the cost to organizations is enormous.More

Learning metrics: Don't wait for game to end before checking score
Human Resources iQ
When peeling the onion of the learning metrics we should be using, there is no particularly easy (or right) answer about which layer will provide exactly the information we need. Much has been written about the idea that we somehow have to move beyond the concept of "butts in seats" — but the business reality is these numbers are an extremely effective way to communicate effort and will continue to be demanded by upper management as the first line of justification for our existence within an organization. More

How to find your next $140 million
Fast Company
Real solutions that can move businesses forward are as valuable as they are difficult to identify. Leaders who drive transformation need to measure what matters most. If you were able to focus the attention and efforts of everyone on your team on one set of goals that can drive significant results for your company, what would you use as the one metric to measure progress?More

A formula to improve business execution
The Nation
Winning is about being different and better than your competition. Decades of efficiency improvements across entire industries have driven productivity gains that have had the effect of leveling out competitive differentiators. It's simply the evolution of industry. Supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, enterprise resource planning systems — what's left to improve? What can set one business apart from its competitors? Human capital. More

Sustainability as an economic game changer
Environmental Leader
Sustainability is gaining traction throughout the globe as its implications are felt along entire value chains. Companies tend to react to trends or — as in the case of sustainability — continue to wait for legislation. Leave it too late, and it becomes almost impossible to mount a strategically effective response or shape change to your advantage.More