ISPI Performance Digest
Feb. 17, 2015

Big Brother and my activity tracker
Innovative Learning Group
Susan Fisher received her first wearable activity tracker for Christmas. By tracking everything from her sleep to her movement to her eating patterns, the device is meant to help her develop good habits. "But it begs some larger questions for me about mobile learning and performance support," Fisher writes. "Can such devices be used effectively to help workers perform on the job?"

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Gartner's 3 big data trends for business intelligence
Big data has given businesses a window into valuable streams of information from customer purchasing habits to inventory status. Three trends Gartner has identified describe information's ability to transform business processes over the next few years.More

Human performance technology driving results in university setting
Having built their reputation within the global sports sector, human performance technology company Sportstec is now working with U.K. universities to help them train, develop and improve the performance and future employability opportunities of their students through the implementation of this groundbreaking technology.More

Why the wheels come off in communication
Medical Xpress
How can two people come up with two completely different Lego models while working from the same instructions? A University of Queensland School of Psychology study has found it can depend on who people believe wrote the instructions. More

1 reason organizations really hate their learning management system
Absorb LMS
Given the level of difficulty in selecting a learning management system, many organizations look for shortcuts — the most common of which is to simply buy the system used by one or more of their closest competitors or others in their industry.More

Infographic: Difference between process mapping and process modeling
PEX Network
While process maps are useful for a quick visual analysis of a process, they're also static, with limited room for growth. See why process models have the edge as realistic, reusable assets that are set to grow with your business.More

Why predictive is not the nirvana of HR analytics
Predictive analytics has long been considered the apex of HR analytics. But viewing predictive analytics as the end goal may be looking at things the wrong way. More

5 reasons CEOs prefer dashboards over spreadsheets
Most CEOs are working from multiple reports, trying to understand what's happening in their business — and what to do about it. While the human brain may be sharp, it shouldn't be the glue that holds all this information together. More

Ditch learning ROI: Build a better business case
Learning in the Cloud
Competent business leaders recognize the importance of maximizing organizational resources — especially the value of their workforce. Making the most of available talent is essential to meet market expectations and sustain a competitive advantage. But people are the most costly and challenging resource for leaders to manage. So why are training and development programs often at the top of the "sacrificial lamb" list when it's time to cut costs? More