ISPI Performance Digest
Feb. 28, 2012

12 compensation trends to watch
Business Management Daily
Compensation experts are predicting modest but steady wage growth during the next few years as the country continues to shake off the salary freezes, layoffs and low profits brought on by the recession.More

How to identify and retain star performers
Employee Benefits News
To help senior executives identify employees worthy of an accolade, Dr. Paul H. Eccher, co-founder of a talent management company and author of "Optimizing Talent: What Every Leader and Manager Needs to Know to Sustain the Ultimate Workforce," put together the following list of characteristics that signal superstar employees.More

Women and collective intelligence: Better problem-solving
Fast Company's Co.Exist
Could the way women approach problems be better suited for the complicated and interconnected problems society faces? The common approach in the past has been to reduce a problem to smaller parts, solve for "X" and hope these disparate solutions aggregate positively. But now we must focus on collective intelligence — an area where women have been proven to excel.More

Are you prepared to think critically?
The Skills Portal
Critical thinking is at the forefront of every discussion that addresses the requirements of the 21st century professional. It has been identified as the one skill employees no longer can do without if they hope to compete in the current labor market. But critical thinking does not develop naturally. Like any other skill it needs to be learned, applied and practiced regularly in order to grow. More

Study: Even mild dehydration alters mood, makes thinking difficult
The Atlantic
Even if you're not yet thirsty, a lack of water may be affecting your disposition, energy level and ability to concentrate, according to a new study.More

What actors can teach us about memory and learning
The most effective memorization techniques draw on physical and emotional engagement as much as they do pure brainpower. For anyone who must give presentations or recall names quickly, this finding could be key.More

Blending workplace, classroom makes college cheaper, faster
The Associated Press via The Missourian
Amid concerns that students are going into debt to earn degrees that aren't preparing them for jobs in emerging industries, a coalition of suburban Kansas City, Mo., business, community and education leaders is planning an experiment to make college cheaper, quicker and more relevant.More

Keeping meetings on track
Running a meeting is a lot like running a kindergarten classroom. If given the chance, people will play with their toys, talk out of turn, bully each other and whine about everything from the e-mail system to the break room coffee. Dana Brownlee, founder of national corporate training company Professionalism Matters, offers tips for leading a successful, succinct and drama-free meeting.More

What your employees don't know will hurt you
The Wall Street Journal
Many, if not most, companies refuse to share much financial data with any employee other than top executives. The unfortunate message this sends to anyone outside the loop: "We'll tell you what you need to know. Period." Yet when managers and employees don't see financial data, they don't know critical facts.More