ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 3, 2015

What if Corporate Learning Platforms were like Netflix?
Mel's Learning Lab
A recent event focused on the characteristics of a highly effective learning environment. When it comes to distance learning, we can't always replicate the environment in which people will be working. Wouldn't it be nice if we could provide learning to employees in the same way Netflix provides movies?More

The effects of passive leadership on workplace incivility
Journal of Organizational Behavior
Rude, discourteous or disrespectful behaviors that typify incivility have become commonplace in virtually all aspects of modern society, including a former bastion of propriety — the business world. New research is examining how passive leadership affects the level of civility — or not — within a group.More

Shane Battier: They're not nerd stats; they're a competitive advantage
Big Think
Two years ago, the now-retired Shane Battier was named by The Sporting News as the seventh smartest athlete in American pro sports. In his blurb, Battier cites "sabermetrics" as one of his off-court interests. Advanced analytics are called by many different names: sabermetrics, big data, nerd stats, fancy stats, etc. They're all labels for the same basic idea.More

The A to Z of productive strategic thinking exercises
Many factors go into productive strategic thinking exercises and efficient group strategy development sessions. Here is an A to Z recap of Brainzooming's approach to strategy development. More

Salary barometer: How much will e-learning specialists earn in 2015?
Learning Solutions
The eLearning Guild has released the 2015 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report. Based on data received from more than 5,000 Guild members, the average base salary of an eLearning employee increased to $78,310 for the year 2014, which is up 2.5 percent from 2013. More

When multitasking makes you happy — and when it doesn't
Harvard Business Review
Would you be happier if you spent an hour juggling emails, meetings and data analysis, or if you spent that hour focused only on data analysis? How does variety among one's activities influence happiness? New research tackles this fundamental question.More

Old school: Teaching young bosses to manage seasoned workers
Kay Corriere
You want employees who are honest, responsible, dependable, loyal, focused, organized and mature. What company could ask for more? These traits are already found in older workers, even though the demographic is often overlooked as a valuable resource. More

Can tracking employees improve business practices?
Big Think
It's an interesting question — one that has the potential to improve a company's bottom line as well as the lives of employees, but at the cost of invading worker privacy. More

Flipping training: Accommodating Gen C
Learning Solutions
The American workplace has always comprised multiple generations. Today's workforce is no exception, especially as economic pressures force many people to retire later in life. A new wave of workers — Generation C — is forcing business leaders to once again modify work styles to effectively engage employees and increase productivity.More