ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 6, 2012

ISPI conference early registration ends March 9
International Society for Performance Improvement
The Performance Improvement Conference 2012, "Leading Innovation, Endless Possibilities," is the not-to-be-missed event of the year for performance improvement professionals. In addition to the learning and networking opportunities the conference provides, ISPI is celebrating its 50th year. Register by March 9, 2012 and save!More

3 ways to make your IT more nimble
Harvard Business Review
If you want to improve how your organization develops, delivers and supports its products or services, it's hard to avoid changes to the information systems that enable those processes. Companies like CSX, Morningstar and IBM show how IT can be more friend than foe to process changes.More

Grant will enable companies to train knowledge workers
Ohio's Gateway Community and Technical College will use a $4.9 million, four-year Department of Labor grant to develop a Covington-based technology center that will prepare students for emerging, high-skilled, knowledge-based jobs increasingly being demanded by corporations and education.More

Truths and myths of employee engagement
The Epoch Times
A 2011 study by Blessings White claimed "only 31 percent of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. These employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. People who are actively engaged help move the organization forward."More

Beyond engagement
Human Resource Executive Online
The employee survey long has been seen as a way for organizations to reach higher engagement numbers, but some forward-thinking employers are revisiting such processes, looking to glean business insights and more meaningful feedback from their workforces.More

Study: Generational differences in the workforce matter
LifeCourse Associates has released "Why Generations Matter," a new research report that uncovers what each generation values in an employer and how well the needs of different generations of workers are — or are not — being met by companies' personnel/HR management strategies.More

Changing times demand change in competencies
The Nation
Global management consultancy Hay Group has identified the six most significant trends it believes will affect organizations, employees and managers during the next two decades, as well as the key competencies required of successful future leaders. The report, "Leadership 2030," examines six global trends: accelerating globalization, climate change, demographic shifts, increasing digital lifestyles, individualization and values pluralism, and technological convergences. More

US manufacturers hurting themselves by the way they hire
Harvard Business Review
The United States is at a dangerous juncture: Manufacturing jobs are on the rise, but the growth is fragile. Given the extremely competitive nature of global manufacturing, it wouldn't take much to kill this momentum and put the U.S. back where it was a couple of years ago. That's why it's critical for American manufacturers to maximize the return on all their assets — including their workforces.More

Behaviors, practices must change to achieve full business value
The Financial
The full business value available from business process outsourcing is being realized on a relatively limited scale because of deficient management behaviors and practices, a new report from Accenture shows.More