ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 10, 2015

Performance architecture: Disruptive selling
As Performance Architects, we are interested in all the ways organizations think about how best to reach their customers. Competition is a primary driver in the sales arena and our exploding world of communication channels, connectivity and supporting devices has encouraged innovative selling processes across industries. More

Making time: How to change your process DNA
Process Excellence Network
Good time management is essential to any change initiative, but how can you change if you simply don't have the time? Columnist Jeff Cole reveals two simple solutions to create value-added time and how to "pay yourself first" within process improvement. More

5 myths of great workplaces
Harvard Business Review
When we think about extraordinary workplaces, we tend to picture a sprawling campus, rich with generous amenities; a utopian destination where success is constant, collaborations are seamless and employee happiness abounds. But as it turns out, many of the assumptions these images promote can mislead us about what it means to create an outstanding workplace.More

Ivy League for free: What one man learned by crashing elite colleges
Fast Company
Guillaume Dumas attended some of the most expensive schools in North America — Stanford, Yale, Brown, Berkeley, McGill — on zero tuition. He discovered what a college degree can — and cannot — get you in life.More

How to develop global skills of local leaders
The benefits of institutionalizing the practice of building more inclusive and culturally competent leaders are not limited to global and multinational organizations or to leaders and teams from diverse regions.More

7 ways to capture someone's attention
Harvard Business Review
"Attention is the most important currency that anybody can give you," Steve Rubel of Edelman once said. "It's worth more than money, possessions or things." But very few people know the science behind captivating others. More

How to empty your inbox (and keep it empty): Tips from Microsoft's expert
Julie Larson-Green spends her days at Microsoft studying the ways different forms of digital communication affect productivity in the workplace. So when she offers tips on mastering the never-ending flood of email, it might be worth a read.More

Teaching strategies to improve employee productivity
Assisted performance defines what a learner can do with help from a more experienced peer. It is an important concept to understand for staff development.More