ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 11, 2014

Culture change
The term "culture change" has been getting a lot of attention recently. Unfortunately, as different groups have defined it for different purposes, the term has been becoming fuzzy at the same time that it has been becoming more popular. In this overview, Paul Harmon attempts to sort out some of the basic relationships among the different varieties of culture change.More

March 19 SkillCast webinar: Building Leadership Capacity
Delve into the 5 C's of leadership with Judith Hale, CPT, PhD, and Donna Crisp, CPT, during the next ISPI SkillCast webinar, from 1 to 2 p.m. EDT on March 19. Using the ISPI human performance technology principles and standards for effective leadership as lenses, this webinar will explain how to build leadership capacity for yourself, others and your organization. Register today!More

Business leaders say knowledge trumps college pedigree
Gallup Economy
When hiring, U.S. business leaders say the amount of knowledge the candidate has in a field, as well as applied skills, are more important factors than where a candidate attended school or what their college major was. Getting a job and achieving long-term success in one's career may increasingly depend on demonstrating real value to employers through experience and targeted learning.More

6 ways to make your e-learning stick
E-learning design and development requires more than just a converted PowerPoint presentation. In order for learning content to stick, you should employ some of the latest instructional design strategies.More

60-second drills can sharpen your business reflexes
Harvard Business Review
Thanks to new wearable technology and video analytics techniques, each minute (or less) of a sports game offers researchers increasingly precise modes of analysis and insight. This new world also offers fresh ideas for managers in non-sports businesses. Here are four challenges analytics can help solve, each with a 60-second drill. There's a lot to be learned in minute.More

Does your e-learning have too much content?
Bottom-Line Performance
One of most common criticisms of e-learning is that it contains too much content. Screens of text with a "Next" button. Maybe an image if you're lucky. Have you ever seen a course like this one? Hopefully not for a long time.More

THE Performance Improvement Conference: Workshops for top results
Whether you are new to the field or looking to enhance your skills, ISPI's one-day and half-day workshops held in conjunction with THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014 will advance your professional know-how. Limited in size and facilitated by experts, the workshops provide the tips, tools and techniques necessary to remain a top performer in your field. The workshops take place April 12-13 in Indianapolis, immediately preceding and in conjunction with THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014.More