ISPI Performance Digest
March 22, 2011

Achieving the holy grail of performance management
In President and CEO of BPM Partners, Craig Schiff's article "What is the Holy Grail of Performance Management?" he looked at the significant benefits of achieving the holy grail of performance management — the integration of strategic, financial, and operational performance management. This piece examines the inherent challenges and some strategies to address them.More

Federal government make project management progress
IT Business Edge
It was no surprise to see better project management and real-time course correction on a list of eight private-sector best practices the federal government could use to save money. The list was included in a 10-page report by the Technology CEOs Council, released late 2010. The CEOs suggested practices such as business process management and organizational change management could improve the success rate of government projects.More

Chief executives: Get to know your staff
HR Magazine
How different would your business be if you knew every one of your people or at the very least, they knew you and the senior team? What impact would it have if they could spend time with you and make comments you would hear? No matter how large your company, there should always be time to find out what the people at the sharp end are thinking and this can be where organizations not only engage their employees but gain some great ideas to improve business too.More

Training focused on goals brings targeted change
Al Kuebler former CIO for AT&T Universal Card, Los Angeles County, Alcatel and McGraw-Hill and ex-director of process engineering at Citicorp wrote, "Early in my career, I experienced attitudes toward training and development that were polar opposites. Later, as I moved into leadership positions, I gravitated toward the pole that favored developing staff and keeping them up to date on technology developments. Nonetheless, I have found that extremes rarely provide the best course, and I came to realize that an anything-goes, pro-training policy had its drawbacks."More

Recent trends in critical HR management practices
Deccan Herald
Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary S. Becker, who coined the term 'human capital,' says "The basic resource in any company is the people. The most successful companies will be those that manage human capital in the most effective and efficient manner."More

Updated Government Performance and Results Modernization Act to define government-wide priorities
Federal News Radio
The Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 updated the 1992 legislation, requiring agencies to improve performance measurement and remove duplicative programs. The new law will also create a set of government-wide priorities that will be revisited by the Office of Management and Budget every two years, said Jon Desenberg, senior policy director at the Performance Institute, in an interview with the DorobekINSIDER.More

Eric P. Bloom: Employee training — Who needs what
GateHouse News Service via The Journal-Standard
Eric P. Bloom, president and founder of Manager Mechanics LLC, says it's been his experience that most companies agree that training is an important component of workforce productivity, talent management, employee morale and company competitiveness. The questions arise over what type of training to provide, who gets it and how much company time and money can be used to procure it.More

Protecting productivity
The Herald Bulletin
With March Madness in full swing and bracket contests at stake, some employers fear productivity may be affected by increased internet usage. And social networking sites like Facebook have also caused some businesses to take another look at their policies in place to monitor web usage. Madison County, Ind., Commissioner John Richwine said the county has a policy regarding internet usage in their policy handbook that all employees sign off on. But the county is in the process of updating that policy to bring it more in line with modern technology. More