ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 24, 2015

Artificial intelligence is almost ready for business
Harvard Business Review
Artificial Intelligence is an idea that has oscillated through many hype cycles over many years, as scientists and sci-fi visionaries have declared the imminent arrival of thinking machines. But it seems we're now at an actual tipping point. AI, expert systems and business intelligence have been with us for decades, but this time the reality almost matches the rhetoric, driven by the exponential growth in technology capabilities, smarter analytics engines and the surge in data.More

Find time to better yourself
Business Management Daily
You can become indispensable within your organization by committing to ongoing professional development. However, with your busy schedule and full workload, how do you find the time to focus on learning? Use this advice. More

8 ways to log more steps during the workday
Business 2 Community
Physical activities like walking can reduce stress, improve overall heart health and help with weight loss. Exercise also helps boost brain power and makes you more productive at work. Here are 8 tips to add more steps throughout your workday.More

Teaching science to the brain: How the brain learns the way things work
Medical Xpress
When you learn a new technical concept, something happens in your brain, but exactly what that is has been a mystery until now. For the first time, Carnegie Mellon University scientists have traced the brain processes that occur during the learning of technical concepts.More

Brain science: Can training change your corporate culture?
Learning Solutions Magazine
Competitive companies need to adapt to circumstances and quickly change their organization to remain competitive. Once the executive team decides to make an organizational change, it's up to the training department to make it happen. Where do you start? How do you create a program that is going to change behavior and make managers more likely to seek agreement among stakeholders?More

From orientation to onboarding: It's more than giving out a company mug
Innovative Learning Group
Onboarding should be a process, not an isolated event, and it goes beyond the basics into the heart of the organization. When done correctly, onboarding can keep valuable employees from escaping through the nearest exit. Even better, they'll want to stay and thrive.More

Tips for managing Generation Z in the workplace
The Huffington Post
While employers have been working hard to understand and appreciate their Generation Y workers for years, now they have an entirely new generation to engage with: Generation Z employees. Generation Z, much like the Millennials, aren't always easy to figure out. And if you aren't doing what you can to tap into and leverage their unique contributions, you may find it difficult to retain these highly valuable employees.More

The difference between social learning and social collaboration
Social learning, is of course, not a new concept or a new term; we've always learned socially — from our parents, siblings, friends and from our colleagues at work. Bandura's social learning theory is also well known. But a new definition of social learning has emerged in the last few years, one that implies the use of social technology to underpin learning.More

4 key approaches to great decision-making
Thought Leaders LLC
Making great decisions is a key leadership responsibility. If you choose the wrong decision-making style, you could face a disaster. Choose the right style and you'll make decisions faster and more effectively. More