ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 31, 2015

Ethical rules for social media gain clarity
An opinion this month from the New York County Lawyers Association has generated discussion on the topic of social media ethics. While the discussion centers on whether it's appropriate for attorneys to list their specialties in their social media profiles — raising the potential that they will be seen as soliciting — it also gives rise to broader questions about an ever-developing area where issues of professional ethics intersect with the Internet.

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Do your training efforts drive performance?
McKinsey Quarterly
Building organizational capabilities is a top strategic priority, but an inability to measure the impact is a growing concern among executives surveyed by McKinsey & Co. More

Disagreeing without being disagreeable
Big Think
Conflict is inevitable in most relationships. So, it's useful to know how to engage in it without inflicting damage. This requires learning how to persuade by focusing more on the issue at hand rather than the personal qualities or mood states of the people involved. More

Microlearning: Fab or fad?
Tom Spiglanin
There's a new buzzword in town, and its name is microlearning. Like its predecessors "social learning," "mobile learning" and "blended learning," microlearning is being tossed around as the new big thing, something we must all get on board with or face extinction. More

Why peer relationships are everything in the workplace
Employees with more friends at work are more engaged, according to the Fall 2014 MoodTracker Report released by Globoforce. But relationships' impact on the workplace reaches far beyond just happiness, Globoforce found. The implications are clear: We need more friends at work. More

Creative thinking exercises: 6 ways to handle reluctant participants
What do you do about the "overly serious" people who don't understand the value of creative thinking exercises and who turn such meetings into useless, frustrating exercises by complaining about the work they are not getting done?More

Challenging some L&D myths
What is it about L&D that makes it behave like a supercharged magnet for attracting all manner of fads and fancies?More

Video security in your online courses
At some point or another you will need to decide whether video is a good option for your online course. If it is, your next step is to find a way to keep your video secure. Here are some options.More