ISPI Performance Digest
Apr. 1, 2014

Leveraging the 4:1 ratio — in sports and in business
Aubrey Daniels
It's built into what we do with our clients, in understanding and applying the science of behavior. While it may not seem revolutionary, correctly applying the 4:1 Ratio matters and does affect your outcome.

Editor's note: Aubrey C. Daniels, Ph.D., is an expert on applying the scientifically proven laws of human behavior to the workplace. He is among the lineup of distinguished thought leaders who will be in Indianapolis for THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014, April 13-16. Space is going fast! Register for THE Performance Improvement Conference today!More

Crafting a sustainable knowledge strategy
American author Bruce Barton once noted, "When you're through changing, you're through." This is certainly true for e-learning, especially now, as the knowledge economy meets the digital workplace. Attend the April 23 ISPI SkillCast webinar, "The Future of eLearning: Ten Key Shifts to Watch," to make sure your strategy is sustainable over the coming years. Marc Rosenberg, CPT, PhD, will show you how to create e-learning that can evolve.More

Time for a new discussion on 'women in leadership'
Harvard Business Review
The time has come to reframe the gender issue. The chancellor of Germany, the head of the IMF and the chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve are women. General Motors, IBM and Lockheed Martin are run by women. Yet women continue to be underrepresented in most businesses, especially at the senior levels. In fact, it is time to shift the discussion away from a lingering women’s problem or an issue of equality and instead focus on this as a massive business opportunity.More

Why leaders need to shut up and listen
C. Fredrick Crum
Typically, we choose our leaders for their skill at conveying messages clearly and powerfully. But it's their ability to listen that distinguishes great leaders from the rest. We often attribute courage and strength to the speaker, but what about the listener? The art of listening is a leadership strength that is often greatly underdeveloped. Some leaders "hear," others use communication techniques to make others believe they are listening, while few leaders actually have listening skills and abilities.More

Is scenario-based learning the right option?
Upside Learning
Scenarios have been used as learning tools throughout history. Scenario interaction and feedback has been human mediated over most of this history of use. In the past few years technology assisted mediation has reached a stage where scenarios built using such technologies are now an integral part of e-learning.More

The death of strategic planning: Why?
Many CEOs say they are no longer doing strategic planning as such. Typically they say they are focusing on execution, with a number of them adding they are trying to be more nimble and flexible. But in our eulogies for strategic planning, let's recognize what it did right. More