ISPI Performance Digest
April 6, 2010

Are all employees knowledge workers?
We live in a world of haves and have nots. No, not the kind you might imagine. These people reside within our companies. We increasingly group the people in our firms into two classes: those who have knowledge and talent and, by implication, those who do not. This segmentation is misleading and damaging to firms in the long run. Ask executives to identify the talent within their firm and many will focus on the top tiers of management. Often, they will include in this august group the "high potentials" being groomed for leadership roles. Sometimes, they will extend the boundaries to include "creative talent" or "knowledge workers." But then there is the rest of the workforce.

10 steps to business process improvement
Chem Info
Companies are always striving to make their businesses leaner and more efficient, so the concept of business process improvement (BPI) is nothing new to them. However, many companies default to a third party to help with the process.More

To develop its workforce, Imperial Sugar put on its thinking cap
Reliable Plant Magazine
Ask him how Imperial Sugar Company plans to develop its workforce, and Bruce Waguespack, the company's manager of learning and performance improvement, begins his answer by offering a baseball analogy.More

Managing assets for improved performance
Automation World
With Asset Performance Management, or APM, plant operators are deploying the latest tools that enable the use of data to improve efficiency and extend the life of assets. Sometimes, maintenance becomes a customer service issue. Helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., in Chicago, monitors and maintains its finished products for customers in the commercial, industrial and military industries. In order to increase customer loyalty, the company took measures to increase aircraft availability by implementing a software solution that identifies and predicts equipment maintenance needs or potential malfunction.More

What it takes to be a top employer
Malaysia Star
To be successful and be regarded as among the best employers, a company among other things should be able to strike a balance between business goals and employee needs. Although earnings and cashflow are vital and a reflection of an organization's strength, human resource is equally important in determining its path to success. An organization will cease to exist if it has no people.More

Train to gain is money well spent
The Guardian
Successful companies see investing in the skills of their workforce as one of the most powerful things they can do to drive their business forward. As we emerge from the recession and look to future growth, the success of British industry will rely on us having a highly skilled workforce able to exploit the business opportunities that the global market presents.More

White House highlights workplace flexibility in America
The GovMonitor
The American workforce today is not our parents’ workforce.  In the last generation, we broke down barriers so that more women could enter the workforce. In recent years, we have seen economic changes that have made those paychecks that women bring home essential to their family budgets.More

Managers don't matter
Workforce Management
The old saw that "people don’t leave companies, they leave managers" has become outdated, if it ever was true. Recent polls on retention reveal that crummy managers aren't the principal cause of employee defections. While employers say the manager-employee tie is the biggest or second-biggest reason workers jump ship, employees put many other factors ahead of the manager connection, such as stress and base pay.More

Rick Dacri: Workplace stars should be rewarded
The Portland Press Herald
We have to stop this egalitarian notion that everyone in the workplace should be treated equally. Although everyone deserves respect and dignity, not everyone should be treated the same. When Tiger Woods walks onto the golf course, no one expects to be treated like him—everyone knows he is a better golfer. In Michael Jordan's prime, when he got the ball, you knew that no matter what the defense tried, he was going to pull off some acrobatic feat to score. And when Michael Phelps gets into the pool, who can compete?More

Internal candidates stumble to the top
Human Resource Executive
While external hires are given time and assistance in transitioning to a new company and position, such assistance is usually not offered to workers who are promoted internally. That lack of assistance often leads to senior-level struggles that continue on for longer than necessary.