ISPI Performance Digest
Apr. 7, 2015

Food, fitness, tech and more: 10 tips for great training events
The National Conference Center
The National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia, is one of the nation's largest training and meeting facilities. As a leader in training meetings, The National has just released its list of ways organizations can maximize the impact of training programs.More

5 ways to improve employee engagement through workplace design
Michael J. Berens
Companies worldwide are grappling with how to increase employee engagement. It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, employee disengagement costs the economy as much as $500 billion per year. Many factors contribute to employees' sense of engagement, but several recent studies demonstrate that the workplace environment can have a profound effect. Together, these studies reveal five key strategies to improve engagement through workplace design.More

The convergence of technology and training in the multi-device world
Upside Learning
The latest 2015 digital device stats shows that for the 40,000 Internet users surveyed across 32 countries in the Americas, EMEA and Europe, 91 percent of the users (ages 16-64) personally own a desktop or laptop and a smartphone, with nearly half of them owning a tablet. Welcome to the multi-device world!More

Test yourself: Are you being fooled by intuition?
Harvard Business Review
What's your default mode for judgments and decisions? To find out, take this (very short) cognitive-reflection test, which was created by Shane Frederick at Yale and originally appeared in The Journal of Economic Perspectives. More

Scaling the PEAKS of competence
Dr. David Hillson
How can you know if you are competent to perform in your role? Many professional organizations produce competence frameworks that attempt to answer this question. Unfortunately, most of these frameworks are limited to assessing what you know or what you can do. But knowledge and skills are only two of the elements that are required for a person to be competent in a role. To provide a more complete description of competence, try using the PEAKS framework. This defines the factors that separate truly effective individuals from the rest.More

'Ninja' tricks for better e-learning plans
Creating an online course without a plan will ultimately lead to failure. The planning phase is arguably the most important aspect of your e-learning project (or any project, for that matter). More

Nigel Paine: Major trends in corporate learning and HR
Kogan Page
Nigel Paine, author of "The Learning Challenge," discusses key issues regarding learning in the workplace. He talks about the tumultuous nature of change taking place in corporate learning in the face of increasingly sophisticated and complex technology. More