ISPI Performance Digest
Apr. 16, 2013

We're all drowning in 'weisure'
All of us, irrespective of gender, suffer from work week creep. Our work weeks are expanding because we're performing work-related activities during non-work time. We live lives of "weisure," a term coined by sociologist Dalton Conley. Conley notes that "activities and social spaces are becoming more work-play ambiguous" and it's becoming increasingly difficult to segregate the work aspects from the non-work aspects of our lives. The source of this ambiguity? Technology.More

Defining the win: How job descriptions can improve employee performance
By Deborah Wipf
Go to any high school stadium on a Friday night during football season and you're likely to hear the roar of the crowd or the band playing the school song. If you walked into the stadium part-way through the game and asked "Who's winning?", you'd get a quick response. How could such a diverse group respond to a question with complete consistency? Easy — they all know the team with the most points wins, and they know how to locate the score. In the workplace, these indicators are a bit harder to find.More

Reframing stress: Stage fright can be your friend
Medical Xpress
Fear of public speaking tops death and spiders as the nation's No. 1 phobia. But new research shows that learning to rethink the way we view our shaky hands, pounding heart and sweaty palms can help people perform better both mentally and physically. In a study on stage fright, participants were asked to deliver a 5-minute speech in front of two disapproving judges. The researchers found that people who were prepped about the benefits of stress weathered the trial better. More

What your performance management system needs most
Gallup Business Journal
Performance is the true litmus test for survival in the marketplace. High-performing employees contribute superior performance, giving the companies they work for a competitive advantage — and their extra effort differentiates great organizations from merely good ones. It's crucial for businesses to have systems in place to identify, recognize, reward and retain their top performers to achieve sustainable growth.More

The path to productivity: Onboarding and learning management
SilkRoad Ink
What should employees be learning during the onboarding process? When is the right time to engage employees with learning activities? When it comes to onboarding new employees, if you asked what employee are learning, the most likely response would be they are learning about the culture, the benefits, their team, maybe even where to park their car.More

The learning management system feature people hate most
Satisfaction surveys of learning management system administrators invariably identify reporting as the most reviled feature in their platform. Administrators complain about reporting being unintuitive, cumbersome, lacking customization, not being powerful enough and just generally being bad at displaying the data administrators want. So, why aren't LMS vendors fixing the problem?More