ISPI Performance Digest
Apr. 17, 2012

Get your team to work across boundaries
Harvard Business Review
Competition today punishes companies that make episodic improvements in key processes. Continually improving performance is what matters, and that can happen only with teamwork across functional and company boundaries. A company must get its sales, marketing, research and development, operations and even customers and suppliers to work together.More

FAA: Pilot program with iPads paying off
Government Computer News
The Federal Aviation Administration is testing tablet computers in a pilot program that has equipped a variety of personnel, from mechanics to lawyers and pilots, with iPads to study how the devices can improve efficiency and save money. After realizing savings of $100,000 per case in just one area — attorney fees — Robert Corcoran, manager of the FAA's Architecture and Applied Technology Group, said, "We have already declared that our mobile pilot is a success." More

Building a talent machine
Gallup Management Journal
Companies that lead the world in growth have something in common: a relentless focus on talent. They are very intentional about this. The executives who lead these companies have created high-performing operating systems.More

New paradigms for collaboration, knowledge sharing
Communities and Collaboration
A recent Institute for Employment Studies event offered a session on maximizing the business value of learning and development activities. Presenter Steve Dale said, "The world of social interaction, fueled by the plethora of social media tools, has opened new opportunities to learn and share. Classroom training no longer is an essential part of learning and development. We can now tap into the collective wisdom of peers and experts as and when we need."More

The looming employee mutiny
The economic downturn of the past few years has taken a toll on employers and employees alike. In some ways, though, management has held the upper hand. They've been telling employees the only way their company can survive — and people can keep their jobs — is by going "the extra mile" and "doing more with less," including little (if any) salary increases. But a recent study by Right Management shows 84 percent of employees say they will look for a new job in 2012 – and for good reason.More

The new cubicle revolution
The workplace is an environment in which we train people to perform their tasks and jobs according to exacting specifications — or, at the very least, according to "best practices." But is this really the best way to run our businesses?More

Compensation Force
The pervasiveness and sheer staying power of the generational framework is amazing. Managers are urged to look at everything from management techniques to employee engagement efforts to reward programs through the lens of generational differences and needs. Businesses also are told to buy in to the notion that the entire work experience must be reinvented to accommodate each consecutive generation. More