ISPI Performance Digest
Apr. 23, 2013

Who is the happiest worker in the country?
What makes us happy at work? Most of us would say "money" right off the bat, but recent research from TheLadders shows that compensation is only one part of the picture. Would you believe cold weather and the law both factor positively in employee satisfaction?More

Coping with unlikeable tasks: You just gotta take ownership
Have you found that perfect job yet? Of course not, because the perfect job doesn't exist. Every job in the world includes unpleasant tasks that may bore you to death, strain your capacities or require such brainless repetition you'd rather go hide in the nearest swamp. Whatever your job's deficiencies, though, you've got to take ownership of those tasks — or how can you say you've done your job?More

In reverse mentoring, executives learn from millennials
U.S. News & World Report
In traditional mentoring, a seasoned executive might counsel a young up-and-comer about career development or leadership. However, a growing phenomenon called reverse mentoring (or reciprocal mentoring) gives entry-level, often tech-savvy employees the chance to school senior executives about business interests, such as trends in social media, consumer culture and unconventional methods to boost office morale.More

GAO report: Officials need improvement in measuring how leaders perform
Agency performance improvement officers say federal agency leaders need more training in measuring performance and managing information, says the Government Accountability Office in an April 16 report. More

Mastering project management
Enterprise Innovation
Ensuring an IT or business project's success requires effective project management. But research published this month by the Project Management Institute suggests many companies are neglecting this process. The costs of such neglect are high — less than two-thirds of projects meet their business goals, and around 17 percent fail outright.More

How sustainability works in the real world
Earth Day has arrived, and that means sustainability will be mentioned a lot in the next few days. Bring up "manufacturing" in that context and people are more likely to imagine belching smokestacks than our big, blue marble floating in space. But sustainable manufacturing is very much a real concept and an important part of the environmental discussion.More