ISPI Performance Digest
April 26, 2011

How can you get the most out of your workforce?
Understanding your workforce and its potential capabilities is never more important than at a time of recession. The need for a highly efficient and flexible workforce is paramount, and managing recruitment and turnover costs is also important. Being able to make the most of your current team by redeploying talent within the business, and moving people into different roles as the demands and the pressures on your business are changing can be key to future success and in some cases even survival.More

Increasing workplace productivity
Finding ways to increase workplace productivity is a task that can be both frustrating and time consuming. Someone who is in a leadership position needs to know that the ability to motivate and get employees to work efficiently is critical. It is extremely important to increase employee output as a component of the company's success. This is especially true during times of economic downturn.More

Change management: Creating excitement for a corporate relocation
Comedian Steve Carell stars in the American version of the BBC TV show The Office. The show, a so-called mocumentary, has become very popular in the United States. Carell's character is the distressingly idiosyncratic Michael Scott who is a mid-level manager at a mid-sized fictional paper supply company. The show depicts the lives of every day employees and their hapless leader, Scott. While he can't ever seem to get it quite right as a manager, he does have some hilarious pearls of wisdom on the show.More

Systemwide process improvement
HealthLeaders Media
It's been estimated in multiple government studies that 30 to 40 cents of every dollar spent on health care — more than a half-trillion dollars per year is used for costs associated with unnecessary, inefficient, and even unsafe care. It's a statistic that has prompted more than a few health care leaders to embrace the Six Sigma or Toyota Lean Process Improvement principles to find the fat in specific processes.More

Getting back to basics with training and development
Canadian HR Reporter
On the whole, training and development specialists do a great job delivering training programs. Whether they have HR, teaching, corporate training, organizational development or line management backgrounds, trainers and facilitators are generally good at presenting material. Unfortunately, there are some major problems in the way training is structured, designed and developed in many organizations. But that's not always the fault of the trainers themselves. By answering a few fundamental questions, training can be improved and better aligned with organizational goals.More

The importance of infrastructure and how to get it right
The Guardian
Cuts, cuts, cuts. And more cuts. That's the prevailing conversation in local government at the moment. Avoiding these on the front line is paramount and it's imperative councils make sure their services, software and running models are as efficient as possible. More

Back to the future: Wirehouse firms resurrect training
Investment News
After a decade of spending money to acquire successful representatives rather than develop their own, wirehouses are buffing up their training efforts. "With the aging of the financial adviser industry, we need to continue to grow organically," said Barry Krouk, head of talent management at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, which plans to hire and train thousands of younger advisers over the next few years to replace older hands at the nation's largest retail firm.More

How to make your workplace more innovative
Times Live
The terms creativity and innovation are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Rory Moore, the CEO of Innovation Agency, says "Creativity is about the thinking tools, concepts and approaches to idea-generation and looking at things with a fresh perspective. Innovation is about taking these ideas and implementing them; it is the act of implementing ideas. The process of innovation leads to the realization of benefits in the form of revenue generation, process improvement or cost reduction." Here are some tips from Moore on how to encourage innovation at work.More

Managing leadership succession
Human Resource Executive
Studies and experts concur: Promoting CEOs from within is better for an organization's long-term performance than hiring from outside. To do it properly requires a collaborative effort between top leadership, senior level HR executives and the board of directors. And don't look for 'ready now.' Look for 'capacity for growth.' More