ISPI Performance Digest
April 27, 2010

What great bosses know about their impact
Great bosses understand the power of feedback. They're skilled at finding ways to deliver praise and constructive criticism to staffers. Because the information is sincere and specific, people know what's expected of them and where they stand. But even if you really work to provide feedback, it's quite possible that you don't get all that much feedback yourself.More

The training imperative
Industry Week
U.S. manufacturers continue their struggle to find the right people with the right skills to fill manufacturing's talent needs. A broad array of institutions, including manufacturers themselves, are racing to meet that skills challenge—and keep U.S. manufacturing competitive.More

Evaluation: The link between learning and performance
Managers need information with which to make decisions. Systematic evaluation of efforts and results will not only provide this information but also encourage improved performance. While evaluation has always had a place in instructional design and performance improvement, few programs are systematically evaluated to see if participants change their behavior (Level 3) or individual and organizational performance (Level 4) was actually improved.More

E-learning hits barriers to expansion
Education Week
Many countries are ratcheting up their K-12 e-learning programs. China has digitized its entire system of K-12 courses and so has Mexico. Turkey’s online courses now educate 15 million students, compared with 1 million in the United States. And similar pushes are under way in Australia, Europe, India, New Zealand, and South America.More

Get real by looking outside your organization
Fast Company Expert Blogger
It is vital that every organization adopt a more outward focus, but it is not necessary to hire a CEO from the outside. One key reason we promote inward thinking is because it flows from our job description. So much of management involves maintain measures of control over processes, policies and systems. People engaged in that work must look at what they do, not specifically look around them. It falls to senior management to think and act more broadly.

Lowering the bar on performance
Human Resource Executive
The emphasis on retaining high performers apparently convinced many companies to change their executive-compensation programs to reduce performance targets during the economic downturn. In those companies, compensation remained about the same as the previous year. Another analysis, however, found what seems to be a trend toward declining pay. More

Florida's Great Northwest pays $173,000 for training
News Herald
Florida's Great Northwest recently handed out about $173,000 in grants to help local businesses pay for employee training. "The number one reason companies come and grow is because of the work force," county Economic Development Alliance Executive Director Janet Watermeier said, as about 40 local and regional officials and business leaders gathered at Gulf Coast Community College to see four grant presentations.More

Career coach: The care and keeping of employees
The Washington Post
If you manage people, your primary goal is to keep them engaged and productive. After all, people are any firm's most critical resource. There are a number of industries concentrated in the Washington region, and you need to give your best people a reason to stay with your organization instead of jumping ship to your competitor as the economy improves. More

Restless generation
Asia One
The idea of a job for life is almost inconceivable to the likes of Marvin Poh, 29, who works in an events company and has held five jobs in the last five years, gaining what he calls "important experience" at each post. He says "I cannot really think more than five years down the road. Who knows what will happen?" Poh is part of Generation Y, the tech-savvy, restless, multi-tasking, impatient, lifestyle-driven segment of employees who make up about 20 percent of the two million-strong Singapore workforce.More

BP's Field of the Future
Digital Energy Journal
BP has a challenging target to deliver 100 mboed of additional production by applying digital oilfield technology through its Field of the Future™ program. Following are the latest developments, challenges faced, lessons learned and future steps.More