ISPI Performance Digest
Apr. 28, 2015

Generational differences in the workplace
I/O at Work
With the plethora of stories in the media about generational differences in the workplace, a new study provides evidence about what these generational changes may mean for employers. Given the demise of the traditional career path, employees' career patterns have shifted over time. The study analyzed data from the four generations currently in the workforce to provide a greater understanding of shifting career patterns, and how different generations are handling some of the changes that modern employees experience.More

Are bad managers holding back your best talent?
Harvard Business Review
Have you heard of "people trafficking" in the workplace? Most likely you have, but you didn't know it: The phrase describes the practice of managers giving poor performers glowing reviews in order to promote them into other divisions. Conversely, excellent employees get rated lowly, so they don't get cherry-picked. No surprise that performance-management processes are coming under fire in so many places.More

5 rapidly growing e-learning sectors
The outlook for the e-learning industry is a positive one. In fact, there has never been a better time to be involved with e-learning than now, given its growing influence. Technological trends are driving innovation across a variety of sectors. More

The 7 Ps of modern workplace learning
Jane Hart has added a few more "P" words to the diagram of modern workplace learning. The additional elements help clarify L&D's role in the process.More

How to ensure your business avoids 'Mobilegeddon'
Jessica Taylor
Stop me if you've heard this before: "Your website needs to be mobile-friendly." Companies have heard this mantra for years, but now a tangible penalty is in effect, punishing websites that don't render well on smartphones and tablets. More

No, that meeting could not have been an email
Harvard Business Review
We've all been there. We’re sitting in back-to-back hour-long informational meetings. We try to sit attentively as waves of information are poured over us in report after report. Eventually, we realize the meeting is coming to a close and no decisions are being made. We're bored, we're tired, and we think: "This whole meeting could have been an email." Not so fast.More