ISPI Performance Digest
Apr. 30, 2013

Creating the best workplace on Earth
Harvard Business Review
Suppose you want to design the best company on earth to work for. What would it be like? For three years Harvard Business Review authors have been investigating this question by asking hundreds of executives in surveys and in seminars all over the world to describe their ideal organization. More

Meeting effectiveness: Location and the home-field advantage
By C. Fredrick Crum
Have you ever wondered why when two teams meet to work on a project together, the team hosting the coffee and bagels in its conference room is most likely to take charge? We often hear sportscasters or coaches talk about home-field advantage in relation to sporting events. How often have you considered it for meetings? Home-field advantage may not be considered as often as it is for sporting events, but there is a tremendous home-field advantage in meetings.More

Human capital investment: Driver of enterprise value
The Conference Board
Like any investment, a company will want to measure how well the human capital investment is performing. What is the return? Is the return at an acceptable level for the business as a whole, over time and across segments? How much revenue is the investment driving for the business? What human capital strategy actions should be taken to continuously improve both the return and revenue growth rate? If one is to measure the return on, and efficiency of, the human capital investment, it is vital for the denominator of that equation to be complete and accurate. More

At American Chemical Society,'madcap' scavenger hunt builds teamwork
The Washington Post
On a warm day last fall, Michael Mury and his co-workers dashed around downtown Washington, D.C., with a whimsical to-do list: Take photos of themselves in front of five embassies. Nab a sample-size spoon from a frozen yogurt shop. Make a stone rubbing of something that dates prior to 1920. Mury and his teammates took on these and dozens of other offbeat tasks as part of a scavenger hunt that pits employees of the American Chemical Society against one other for an afternoon of friendly competition. "There's sort of a madcap feel to it," said Mary Kirchhoff, director of the District-based organization's education division. But the scavenger hunt isn't just an afternoon of hijinks. ACS staffers say it helps build camaraderie. These stronger relationships, employees say, lead to better collaboration back at the office.More

NACD Directorship 2020: Sustainability, stakeholders and performance metrics
National Association of Corporate Directors
Since their formation, the ultimate goal of corporations has been to generate profit — and therefore shareholder return. As such, total shareholder return has served as a universal metric for investors when analyzing a company's performance. Recently, several companies have been profiled for their use of "capitalism with conscience." More

Making the most of MOOCs: The ins and outs of e-learning
Top universities like Harvard and MIT now offer virtual classes free of charge to thousands of potential students across the globe. Writer A.J. Jacobs missed his college days, so he decided to enroll in 11 MOOCs with subjects ranging from philosophy to genetics to cosmology. What did he discover about MOOCs and online learning?More