ISPI Performance Digest
May 3, 2011

Rise of the change manager
International Business Times
The increased volume, pace and complexity of change has produced a new profession: the change manager. This new role is a variable mixture of HR professional, L&D and communications specialist, combined with a dash of facilitator and executive coach — sometimes with project manager added. More

Efficiency boosting performance in financial operations
Business Solutions
Are accounts payable departments seeing an increase in efficiency because they invested in automation, or are they using more automation because they trimmed their staffs during the economic downturn and have avoided rehiring? It's a chicken-and-egg question researchers are trying to answer in the PRGX Accounts Payable Productivity Index, developed in 2010 by International Accounts Payable Professionals and The Association for Work Process Improvement, in collaboration with APQC and sponsored by PRGX Global Inc.More

Organizational intelligence: What it is, why it is important, how to get it
We have an array of training, performance and HPT models to guide us, but most of us in staff support roles, like HR, lack business models to help see the organization from the perspective of business managers. Based on their new book, "Organizational Intelligence," Ken Silber, CPT, Ph.D., and Lynn Kearny, CPT, will show you how to think and talk about an organization as business managers do.More

Social media's workplace evolution
Science Alert
Facebook may not be the black hole of workplace productivity many consider it to be, as research conducted by Swinburne University of Technology with Web security company MailGuard shows. The research partnership between MailGuard and Rajesh Vasa, a lecturer on the faculty of Information and Communication Technologies, has revealed the average employee spends between 30 and 60 minutes online for personal reasons each day.More

Ann All: CIO's role in change management
IT Business Edge
At the beginning of this year, I wrote a couple of posts containing words of wisdom from CIOs I interviewed in 2010. One statement I especially liked, from Vince Kellen, CIO of the University of Kentucky and a senior consultant at Cutter Consortium, concerned the CIO's responsibility to help overcome cultural and organizational barriers that hamper technology implementations.More

Role of business intelligence in process improvement
SmartData Collective
Bill Gassman spoke on the role of business intelligence in process improvement. He means "big BI" — everything to do with intelligence about your business, the discipline of BI and analytics, not just a BI product. The road to intelligent operations he says has "haves" and "have-nots" — some have BI and BPM automated, monitored and managed, but many do not. Therefore, some will be able to bring BI and BPM together effectively, but some will not. What technologies are converging to build intelligent operations, how are companies using BI to improve processes and what are some of the best practices for doing this?More

How businesses can develop critical skills, win talent war by partnering with universities
Smart Business
Downsizing and slashing funds for training and development can help executives boost the bottom line during a recession, but they know it's bound to have an effect sometime. The day of reckoning finally has arrived as companies face a shortage of managerial talent and bench depth, which may keep them from capitalizing on the rebounding economy.More

Daniel Rasmus: Planning for HR under uncertainty
Fast Company
I have been involved with Cisco and the Human Capital Institute during the past couple of weeks, thinking about the future of the organization. As we explore scenarios, I want reinforce the starting point for scenarios are the major forces and uncertainties in play that will affect industries, businesses and functions. Scenarios, however, also can be used to first name, then explore, uncertainties through the lens of a particular business function. Here are some thoughts on uncertainties related to human resources.More

Don't let squabbling ruin your team's performance
ThomasNet News
Although most people acknowledge the value of teamwork, following the principles of collaboration and mutual support can be harder than it seems, particularly if a team has members with clashing personalities or differing views. Review these ways to overcome team conflict and keep a company running smoothly.More

What's the secret to office productivity? Survey says: Free food
AOL Small Business
It's all about the workers this week. If you still can't afford to give your employees raises, try feeding the beast. Apparently free food is a great staff motivator. And U.S. workers seem willing to move — just about anywhere — to get a job. (That's good news if your business is in the boonies.) Here's a closer look at some of the latest small business surveys.More