ISPI Performance Digest
May. 5, 2015

How behavioral factors affect decisions related to interruptions
Deloitte University Press
When was the last time you were able to just sit down at your desk and complete an entire task or project start to finish? What can managers do to combat productivity losses caused by distractions and interruptions? In some cases, common-sense interventions carry the day. But in others, a counterintuitive approach turns out to be more effective.More

How successful people work less — and get more done
Dr. Travis Bradberry on LinkedIn
As co-founder of and CEO of Zillow for the past seven years, 39-year-old Spencer Rascoff fits most people's definition of success. As a father of three young children, Spencer is a busy guy at home and at work. What's the one thing he refuses to do on the weekend? Work.More

Superman doesn't get time off: Why some workers fake an 80-hour week
Harvard Business Review
In many professional jobs, expectations that one be an "ideal worker" — fully devoted to and available for the job, with no personal responsibilities or interests that interfere with this commitment to work — are widespread. More

Planning, tracking, leaving: 12 productivity hacks that optimize your time
The Next Web
This round-up of favorite productivity hacks comes from 12 hard-hitting entrepreneurs and bestselling authors who shared their advice on how to do less and get more in business, and life.More

Time killers at work: What they are and how to avoid them
Wasted time on the job is a significant problem. One study estimates that time-wasting activities at work cost businesses well into the 12 figures. Some productivity killers are employee-driven, while others are designed into workplace processes or even into our office building designs themselves. More

Does what you're wearing affect your work?
Andrew Jensen
Across America, company dress codes for employees are as diverse as the employees themselves. From being so strict that hemlines are measured, to telling employees, "You can wear anything, as long as you wear something," companies certainly seem to be in disagreement over how workplace attire affects productivity.More

Psychological fitness: Its effect on the bottom line
Accounting Web
Faced with skyrocketing healthcare costs, global competition and economic uncertainty, many of today's businesses are recognizing that promoting a psychologically healthy workplace isn't just good for employees' health and well-being — it's affecting the bottom line, as well. More

When the quest for productivity can harm: ADHD medication abuse
Press Release Rocket
Misusing ADHD medication is often thought of as something that affects the college crowd, but more adults are using these stimulants for work and finding themselves addicted, shares Chapters Capistrano. More