ISPI Performance Digest
May. 6, 2014

The ABCs of fluency training
PM eZine
As existing organizations look to evolve and new organizations look to gain an edge there will be an ever-present demand to maximize the use of training technologies. Successful businesses achieve results through the performance of their employees. High-level employee performance is established and maintained over time by creating a workplace that provides the tools and support essential for success. Paramount to this is ensuring each individual has the knowledge and skills necessary to do their job at optimal performance levels.More

Sometimes colleagues are the best coaches
Harvard Business Review
By the age of 30, our personalities have stabilized and behavior change becomes relatively difficult. It's especially hard for senior executives, who have gotten where they are thanks to the way they behave. That's why executives often engage the services of a coach. But coaching is a bit like therapy; it takes time for the results to be seen. Is group coaching a more immediate solution?More

The link between onboarding and leadership success
Staffing Talk
Did you know that 40 percent of new leaders fail within the first 18 months? Gillian Davis was aware of the statistic. She was a successful recruiter, who grew up in a family-owned executive search business. But she was thrust into a new leadership role on short notice, and found herself with no plan and no clear idea of even where to start. More

Creating strategic impact: 3 project management steps
Suppose you have project management responsibility to review concepts with a group to solicit reactions and input. What project management steps should you take to productively review concepts so the feedback is as valuable as possible and leads to creating strategic impact with the work?More

5 things great managers do every day
When you hear the term inspirational leader, you may get images of someone who's achieved considerable success or is a brilliant strategist able to amass a personal fortune. Or perhaps you consider someone who gives rousing motivational speeches worthy of a TED talk — an iconoclast who changes the national dialogue. While at first blush we may think of inspiring leaders as those who perform grandiose actions, more than five years of research into what really inspires others has led to the opposite conclusion.More

9 secrets about organizational change your employees won't tell you
Process Excellence Network
Sometimes it feels like change is everywhere we look. The frequency of change, the amount of change and the complexity of those changes are greater today than at any point in human history. It's no wonder then that when you change a process in your organization things don't always go as planned. Here are some important things your employees won't tell you about change.More