ISPI Performance Digest
May. 7, 2013

Kenneth Cukier on Big Data
Foreign Affairs
Everyone knows the Internet has changed how businesses operate, governments function and people live. But a new, less visible technological trend is proving just as transformative: Big Data. Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs, sits down with Kenneth Cukier, data editor of The Economist. They discuss how "datafication" will affect everything from automobile safety to politics and social work. More

Can you hear me now?
Great Leaders Serve
Are you a good listener? Most leaders think they are. However, the truth may be far different. Without constant effort a leader's natural tendency is to not listen — or at least not listen well.More

What squirrels can teach you about networking
You folks know that fable about the squirrel and the grasshopper, right? The one where the squirrel works his tail off all summer while the grasshopper parties like there's no tomorrow — only to find himself in dire straits when winter strikes? Career networking, it turns out, is a lot like this story.More

Applying employee engagement to a specific business problem
Gallup Business Journal
Often when managers review and evaluate their team's level of engagement, they treat it like an annual affair. Employees take a survey, discuss the results with their supervisor and commit to taking some actions. For the most part, the manager and the team deal with engagement in general terms not related to specific, real-time business problems. But one manager took a different approach to solving a business problem and found it to be very effective at building engagement. He asked his team to apply Gallup's 12 elements of great managing to an immediate challenge.More

6 things proposal evaluators love — other than puppies
By Joe Latta
You might think people who evaluate sales proposals live a frustrating life. You might be right. But while there are lots of things that annoy an evaluator, there are things that can make even the most jaded evaluator all warm and fuzzy inside — things like high-quality, easy-to-evaluate proposals. With that in mind, we took an informal poll of our commercial and government evaluator friends and asked them to name the top ways a proposal can make them happy. Why? Because a happy evaluator is a generous evaluator. Here are the top six things to make an evaluator smile.More

Standard operating procedures can make you more flexible
Harvard Business Review
Most people think standard operating procedures are a straitjacket that limits their flexibility. Yet in our increasingly complex world of work, with so many possible decisions and steps, clever use of standards can liberate. They can actually make it easier to tailor customer experiences at low cost. More