ISPI Performance Digest
May 17, 2011

E-learning on the rise as budget cuts take hold
Training Zone
Almost two-thirds of public sector learning and development professionals are bracing themselves for budget cuts during the year ahead as they find themselves on the front line to make savings.More

10 ways to identify, understand pivotal roles
Talent Management
Organizations must answer the following 10 questions to identify and understand how best to leverage pivotal roles as part of a talent management strategy.More

How documentation infrastructures contribute to performance improvement
International Society for Performance Improvement
Documentation infrastructures provide a central location for explaining the why, what and how of a business. How do businesses make sure everyone understands the reasons for doing things a certain way? One way is to build the framework for the documentation infrastructure so its contents clearly explain what employees are to do (processes), why they are doing it (policies), and how they are to do it (procedures).More

What the West can learn from India
Chief Learning Officer
The Indian way of doing business puts a premium on learning, uses business success to cure social ills and places the power of innovation squarely into employees' hands.More

Can learning help you score next 'big innovation' for your organization?
Fast Company
We're in the midst of "The Learning Decade," when private sector executives and public sector officials have embraced the notion that knowledge drives revenue-enhancing innovation. This comes at a time when the economy is uncertain and companies need turbochargers that can accelerate growth, spark competitiveness and boost future prospects.More

What if millennials ran your mentoring?
Chief Learning Officer
Mentoring programs would be open to everyone and leveraged as a collaborative space where ideas are exchanged freely and feeding creativity.More

Is it better to hire for cultural fit over experience?
You know that dream job candidate? The one with the pristine resume and Ivy League credentials? The one companies try to steal from their competitors by offering generous salaries and lavish benefits? The same dream candidate just as easily can turn into a nightmare by the time he signs his contract and props his feet on the mahogany desk in his corner office. More

Top 10 challenges of blended learning
Training Magazine
With the expansion of the global workforce and the continuous shifting of global economic factors, the time for blended learning has arrived. But how do we make sure we do it right? What hidden challenges can create a roadblock to success before we even introduce a program?More

Think you're losing money with employee incentives? Think again
Technology Evaluation Centers
Today's human resources managers are faced with more employee compensation challenges than ever, and the reason is relatively clear: Employees no longer are happy with simply getting a decent day's wage for a decent day's work. They want more! As the competition for skilled talent increases, companies must find better and more interesting ways to retain their employees.More

Building a better tomorrow, one NCO at a time
U.S. Air Force
Airmen serving with the Iraq Training and Advisory Mission-Air and 447th Air Expeditionary Group are focused on building the foundation of the Iraqi air force. Equipment transfer and technical training are important, but a small group of NCOs also are teaching enlisted professional development as part of U.S. Air Force efforts to rebuild the Iraqi air force as a strong, regional air power partner.More